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strategic cooperation | leadingpharm and agilent (china) have reached strategic cooperation, jointly build an innovation research laboratory-凯发官方

release time:2022-08-19

on august 18, 2022, leadingpharm medical technology development co., ltd. (leadingpharm) and agilent technology (china) co., ltd. (agilent) reached a strategic cooperation to jointly establish innovation research (beijing) laboratory".

▲ ms. julie gao (left), president of leadingpharm, ms. xia pan (right), complete machine sales manager of agilent's north china laboratory, signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties


▲ ms.ying dong(left), vice president of leadingpharm and general manager of the analytical testing department, and ms. rong an(right), general manager of agilent china research development team, jointly unveiled the cooperative laboratory on behalf of both parties.


relying on this laboratory, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation around the quality control of the cxo whole industrial chain and the complex technical problems of drug r & d, focusing on the specific complex mechanism projects and the related topics for which the country has not provided clear quality control methods, develop analysis and detection methods that meet the needs, provide effective and accurate solutions for cxo pharmaceutical technology, and promote the overall r & d level and efficiency of the drug r & d value chain. at the same time, it will bring the cooperation mode, testing scheme and results that can be used for reference to the relevant departments and enterprises of the same type upstream and downstream.


▲  speech by ms. julie gao, president of leadingpharm

in the speech, ms. julie gao, president of leadingpharm, first expressed heartfelt thanks to the leaders of both sides and the experts and guests who witnessed the cooperation. she said that this cooperation was strongly supported by mr. wallace tao, chairman of leadingpharm. leadingpharm is a high-tech enterprise that provides global pharmaceutical enterprises with cxo whole industrial chain services including innovative drugs, improved new drugs and generic drugs. it is committed to solving various technical problems in the whole life cycle of drug r & d, and providing customers with comprehensive solutions including high-end preparation r & d, clinical research of innovative drug, quality system construction, medical protocol design guidance and so on in an innovative way, which has won the recognition of nearly 400 customers. leadingpharm always adheres to the service concept of "customer-centric" and creates the maximum value for customers, which is highly consistent with agilent. as a global leading brand in the field of life science diagnosis and applied chemistry market, agilent has outstanding advantages in instrument application and detection technology. we hope that the two sides will join hands and realize complementary advantages rely on the innovative research joint laboratory to better serve the common customers of both sides, solve the key technologies and hot problems in the industry by launching research of corresponding cooperative projects. agilent also hoped that with the open platform of leadingpharm cxo and in collaboration with the industrial chain and supply chain partners, more new technologies and products that meet the clinical needs will be launched to solve the drug needs of patients.


▲online speech by mr. liang chen, global vice president of agilent, general manager of agilent china and general business manager of chinese market


mr. liang chen, global vice president of agilent, general manager of agilent china and general business manager of chinese market, said that providing unique solutions in the entire drug r & d value chain is the main competitiveness of cxo enterprises, and developing advanced cxo pharmaceutical r & d solutions cannot be separated from strong scientific research strength and innovative analysis and testing technology. agilent can provide a comprehensive solution portfolio for the pharmaceutical industry. after cooperating with leadingpharm, agilent's full set of solutions will help cover the whole process and support the rapid launch of customers' products.


▲ ms. ying dong, vice president of leadingpharm and general manager of analytical testing business department, shared the cooperation topics of both sides


by the launch ceremony of this strategic cooperation, the two sides conducted academic reports and discussions to interpret the key issues of drug r & d and provide new ideas and solutions. at the same time, experts from universities, industry authoritative scientific research institutions and representatives of well-known enterprises are specially invited to participate in the research. with multi-party cooperation, the research field and scope are expanded to practically solve technical problems for pharmaceutical enterprises, share scientific research achievements, apply for topics, and achieve the goal of win-win.


keynote speech

mr. jianlei kang, vice president and chief technology officer of leadingpharm, gave a keynote speech on pharmaceutical research strategy for innovative drug research and development.

ms. rong an(right), general manager of agilent china application development team, gave a keynote speech of application of agilent two-dimensional liquid chromatography in the analysis of complex drug impurities.

laboratory visit

▲visiting the laboratory of leadingpharm


▲ group photo

it is hoped that the innovative cooperation mode of the two sides can give full play to the advantages of the two sides, play a demonstration role in the industry, better and more efficiently promote the development of china's pharmaceutical industry, and become a participant and facilitator in the steady implementation of the fourteenth five-year plan and healthy china 2030.


the special guests of this ceremony included ms. lan he, former director of the chemical office of national institutes for food and drug control(nifdc) and member of the chemical committee of chinese pharmacopoeia commission; ms. donghong lyu, deputy technical director of all-china federation of industry & commerce, medical & pharmaceutical chamber, ms. lichun zhou, former director and assistant director of the antibiotic office of the beijing institute for drug control; ms. rui zhu, vice director of zhongguancun medical engineering transformation center, party branch secretary of china food and drug industries quality and safety promotion association; ms. na na, professor of school of chemistry, beijing normal university, and ms. yinglin wang, registered director of hainan huluwa pharmaceutical group co., ltd. the participants gave full affirmation and high evaluation to the establishment of the innovation laboratory and the research topic of the cooperation between the two sides, and also wished the innovation laboratory to achieve outstanding achievements in innovative technology, industry difficulties and common problems.

also presented at this ceremony were mr. weidong hu, general manager of impurity research division; ms. jinghong liu, general manager of enteric coated special preparation division and other senior executives and technical personnel of leadingpharm. senior executives and technical personnel of agilent china including mr. ting yang, complete machine sales general manager(online); mr. xin zheng, senior marketing director of laboratory solutions; mr. zhiyan jiang, general manager of customer service other senior executives and so on.



agilent technologies (nyse: a) is a global leader in the market of life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemistry, committed to providing insight and innovation to help improve the quality of life.committed to provide more reliable answers to customers' most challenging problems with instruments, software, services, solutions and experts. in fiscal year 2021, agilent's operating revenue was us $6.32 billion and the number of employees worldwide was 17000.



leadingpharm medical technology development co., ltd. (stock code of shanghai stock exchange: 600222) was established in 2005. it is headquartered in beijing zhongguancun high tech park and has more than 1300 r & d personnel. it has established research institutes in beijing, miyun, zhengzhou, chongqing and hangzhou. leadingpharm is committed to promoting the development of china's pharmaceutical industry with innovative r & d and service modes and information technology. based on the international perspective, it has formed the core competitive advantage of "internationalization, integration and industrialization", and has a mature and complete drug r & d management system, rich project experience and a team of thousands of senior experts at home and abroad. it has formed a cxo whole industrial chain service system covering preclinical research, clinical cro, cdmo and mah, and achieved full coverage of innovative drugs, high-end complex preparations, cell gene therapy drugs and other fields, providing real one-stop service for global customers. it has been rated as "top 10 chinese pharmaceutical r & d companies" by the all-china federation of industry & commerce, medical & pharmaceutical chamber for many years.


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