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release time:2022-06-21

on june 20, the ten major projects of hangzhou airport economic demonstration zone were intensively signed, involving kanglingxian high-end pediatric medicine project, supporting hotel complex of the grand convention and exhibition center, cdf china tax exemption (hangzhou) duty-free product sales project, the iur project of hangzhou institude technology university for advanced study(the airport sub park of hisilicon innovation park), etc., with a total investment of 3.33 billion yuan, covering the three emerging industries of airport services, biomedicine, new materials and the upgrading of traditional industries.


kanglingxian high-end pediatric drug project

hangzhou kanglingxian pharmaceutical technology co., ltd. is the first domestic children's high-end preparation research institute in china, which is jointly funded by leadingpharm and huluwa. it is committed to building the largest professional children's drug research and development platform in china, with the development, improvement and innovation of high-end pediatric drugs as the core, including building a high-end granule platform for children, a class ⅱ new drug development platform, a children's oral film platform, a children's inhaled preparation platform, pediatric transdermal preparation platform, r&d platform of dietary supplements for children, r&d service platform of traditional chinese medicine for children, and the in-hospital preparation transformation platform of the third-class hospital of pediatrics in china, providing technical services to global pharmaceutical enterprises at the same time.


the implementation of this project will fill the gap in the research and development of pediatric drugs in hangzhou, improve the scientific research landscape of hangzhou's entire pharmaceutical field, and further help hangzhou's pharmaceutical industry cluster to become a world pharmaceutical research and development highland. at present, kanglingxian has been officially put into operation, and the high-end pediatric drug project base is expected to be completed and put into use by the end of 2022.


hangzhou airport economic demonstration zone

the hangzhou airport economic demonstration zone has rich land resources and unique development advantages. the demonstration area is 15 kilometers away from the main urban area of xiaoshan and 20 kilometers away from the main urban area of hangzhou. starting from the airport economic demonstration area of hangzhou, it can cover the major central cities in the yangtze river delta within a three hour drive. as one of the top ten "100 billion level" super transportation projects in the province, the core project of hangzhou xiaoshan airport comprehensive hub project - the xiaoshan international airport phase ⅲ project with a total investment of 27 billion yuan and a total area of 1.5 million square meters has been basically completed and will soon be put into operation.


in recent years, around the three industrial chains of "biomedicine, digital trade and aviation services", hangzhou airport economic demonstration zone has made great efforts to create a distinctive airport industrial cluster. taking biomedicine as an example, relying on the platform of hangzhou bay biotechnology valley, more than 30 projects have been launched, with a total planned investment of more than 12 billion yuan, covering the whole industrial chain of head enterprises, incubated enterprises, and so on. the future of airport bioeconomy is expected.