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lead the future with integrated innovation -凯发官方

release time:2022-06-25

in order to further accelerate the high-quality development of the pharmaceutical industry, committing to promoting drug quality upgrading with the pharmaceutical industry technology upgrading, enabling the industry with technology, and leading the future with innovation, the frontier technology seminar jointly organized by leadingpharm and shimadzu was held online on june 24,2022.


with the theme of "integrating innovation and leading the future", the conference gathered over 30 core executives and technical experts online and linked leadingpharm, shimadzu japan production institute and shimadzu china(shanghai). it focused on the most cutting-edge detection equipment and control system, and jointly discussed its broader innovative application in drug research and development, promoting the development of the global health industry to a higher level and higher quality.


mr. wallace tao, chairman of leadingpharm, ms. julie gao, president, ms. lan he, special expert, mr. jianlei kang, vice president and chief technology officer, ms. ying dong, vice president and general manager of analytical and testing division, mr. maruyama xiusan, chairman of shimadzu china, mr. fukushima honglang, general manager of shimadzu japan business strategy office, mr. takashi inoue, general manager of shimadzu liquid products, mr. li xiaodong, head of shimadzu china innovation center, mr. hu jiaxiang, head of the marketing department of shimadzu analysis and measurement division, and other leaders and colleagues attended the meeting.

mr. wallace tao, chairman of leadingpharm, delivered a speech at the conference. he mentioned that leadingpharm and shimadzu have a long-term basis for cooperation. with the support of the leaders of both sides and the hard work of scientific researchers, they have shared resources and complementary advantages, carried out a number of innovative research projects, and achieved fruitful results. under the new situation, this seminar is a good start to promote the two sides to enter a deeper level of cooperation, discuss cutting-edge technologies, share front-line topics, and jointly explore innovative cooperation modes and directions. we should start from promoting the development and reform of the industry and ensuring the health of all mankind, and promote the development of cooperation to a higher level and quality. in addition, as a loyal user of shimadzu instruments, leadingpharm will convey shimadzu with the voice of china's front-line scientific researchers and provide a basis for the scientific decision-making of shimadzu headquarters, leadingpharm and shimadzu will promote scientific and technological innovation and promote the development of the global pharmaceutical industry by in-depth discussion and exchange.

mr. maruyama xiusan, chairman of shimadzu enterprise management (china) co., ltd., mentioned that shimadzu has always adhered to the goal of "making contributions to society with science and technology", constantly studying science and technology to meet social needs, constantly innovating and challenging. he also looks forward to more exchanges and discussions between the two sides in the future, which can contribute to the r & d strength of leadingpharm and the cause of human health.

subsequently, many technical experts shared shimadzu's latest research and application achievements in semi preparative supercritical fluid chromatography system, autonomous lab intelligent experimental platform and nsmol kit. we can see that the application of the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud technology in the pharmaceutical field is gradually maturing and improving. it will greatly improve the efficiency of research and development, reduce carbon emissions, achieve green chemistry, and provide a new engine for the future development of both sides.



the leaders and experts at the meeting discussed the contents of the report and the direction of future cooperation, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on many aspects, such as the detection of medical devices and drug packaging materials, the mass spectrometry imaging research of imported patches and high-end excipients, the chromatographic preparation technology of supercritical fluids, the intelligent cell technology to improve the development efficiency of pharmaceutical and food chemical materials, and the online liquid phase monitoring equipment based on the drug synthesis and preparation process. in the future, the two sides will tap the potential of cooperation, integrate innovation, carry out demonstration sites for the application of new technologies, and establish databases to promote the development of pharmaceutical research and development to be faster, more efficient and more standardized.

finally, mr. fukushima hiroro, the general manager of shimadzu japan business strategy office, and ms. gao shijing, the president of leadingpharm, delivered concluding remarks respectively.

mr. fukushima honglang said that since the establishment of the strategic cooperation laboratory in august 2019, the two sides have made great achievements and jointly developed the industry's first technology - cephalosporin antibiotic polymer impurity three-dimensional chromatography mass spectrometry detection method; the sec-rplc-qtof two-dimensional liquid phase high resolution mass spectrometry detection platform was jointly built;β- lactam antibiotics digital standard spectrum library was jointly developed. it is hoped that the two sides will continue to maintain good communication, continue to explore, and help leadingpharm realize the corporate vision of "we make china a world-class player in pharmaceutical technology and production process! "

ms. julie gao said that shimadzu's forward-looking technological achievements and the spirit of continuous exploration were shocking. leadingpharm has been deeply engaged in the research and development of generic drugs for 18 years, has established cooperative relations with more than 500 enterprises at home and abroad, has also carried out industrial layout in the research and development of innovative drugs and high-end preparations, and has built corresponding technical platforms in zhengzhou, hangzhou, chongqing and other cities. in the future, we hope to explore more ways of cooperation with shimadzu, and we also hope that shimadzu can understand china's needs and transfer new technologies, products and ideas to china's medical and health industry with the help of leadingpharm cxo system. in addition, leadingpharm has worked closely with many domestic parks, well-known universities and industry organizations, and has been exploring new ways of cooperation with the government, industry, universitiy and organization. we hope shimadzu can work with us to jointly promote the industrial transformation of cutting-edge innovative achievements with the help of platforms and new cooperation models. our cooperation with shimadzu will also better uphold and carry forward shimadzu's purpose of "making contributions to society with science and technology", integrate innovation, and work together for the future.