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opportunities and challenges coexist. promote cxo to upgrade the industry -凯发官方

release time:2022-03-28

by 2020, lifezhengzhou has invested nearly 1 billion yuan,to cooperate with leadingpharm, and created the cxo system, which is a unique integrated service model in the industry. rooting in the central plains, it provides global pharmaceutical r&d and manufacturing services covering the whole industry chain including preclinical cro, clinical cro and cmo, solving the core bottlenecks of biomedical innovation enterprises. it has gathered a large number of domestic biomedical innovative enterprises with international leading products, including gmax biopharm, genscience, etc. over a dozen class i innovative drugs for major diseases such as tumor and hemophilia have carried out clinical research rapidly with the support of the platform, which has greatly accelerated the listing process. nowadays, lifezhengzhou · leadingpharm cxo integrated service system is becoming more and more perfect. we interviewed wallace tao, the founder of cxo and chairman of leadingpharm.


founded in january 2005, leadingpharm is the first and largest pharmaceutical r&d enterprise listed on the main board in china. it is committed to promoting the development of china's pharmaceutical industry with innovative r&d service modes and information technology. at the beginning of its establishment, leadingpharm took “we make china a world-class player in pharmaceutical technology development and production process” as its corporate vision. chairman wallace tao said that in 2005, china's medication level fell behind the world for 30 years. even before 2010, the world's advanced drugs were still difficult to get for chinese patients. therefore, leadingpharm has been committed to working with colleagues in the industry to improve china's medical science and technology level and provide safe, effective and accessible medicine to chinese people, and enhance china’s competitiveness of pharmaceutical r&d as soon as possible.

name: wallace tao

role: chairman of beijing leadingpharm medical technology development co., ltd

educational experience:

  • lanzhou university, majored in organic chemistry
  • emba of china europe international business school, 

personal resume:

  • founder of beijing leadingpharm medical technology (stock code: 600222)
  • distinguished professor of college of chemistry and chemical engineering of lanzhou university,
  • standing director of chinese research hospital association
  • vice president of all-china federation of lndustry and commerce medical and pharmaceutical chamber
  • president of research and development service branch of all-china federation of lndustry and commerce medical and pharmaceutical chamber
  • president of lanzhou university global pharmaceutical and chemical industry alumni association


can not be imitated. management is the core advantage of leadingpharm

chairman wallace defines leadingpharm as a high-tech management company, as well as a company managing high technologies. the best definition of the company's core advantage is "can not be imitated", and management is the core advantage of leadingpharm. depended on the reserve of senior management talents, management mode and management concept, leadingpharm has built a professional team of 1000 talents. and leadingpharm owns strong ability in decision-making and execution by gathering nearly 100 industry-renowned experts in pharmaceutical r&d, production, registration and clinical research, as well as over 30 executives with deep experience, which helped leadingpharm continuously improve the core competitiveness.

go against the epidemic and help build the first whole-industry-chain cxo platform in henan province

the sudden emergence of covid-19 brought challenges to the whole country. wallace tao always believes that for a company which is prepared, responsible and has high-tech reserves, leadingpharm should go against the current when major social situations occur. during the epidemic period, the goal of leadingpharm is to prevent every employee from being infected, keep the monthly salary payment without reducing salary or reducing staff, and ensure the completion of customers’ orders. leadingpharm not only achieve the goal, but also doubled the scale of the company in two years. what’s more, leadingpharm settled in lifezhengzhou in early 2020 and has completed hundreds of millions of yuan of income, paid tens of millions of taxes and provided hundreds of jobs in the past two years. in the next few years, the average annual compound growth rate is expected to exceed 50%.

at present, leadingpharm is laying out the field of high-end preparations. preparations platforms with complex process technologies such as oral fast dissolving films, inhalation preparations, sustained and controlled release preparations and microsphere liposomes are laid out in zhengzhou, chongqing and hangzhou, which will greatly promote china's preparation r&d process. in june 2021, the cdmo platform for small molecule api & preparations in lifezhengzhou was founded, which named pioneerpharm pharmaceutical co., ltd.(a subsidiary of leadingpharm). subsequently, we cooperated with lifezhengzhou to build mah holder platform (zhengzhou weixian medical technology co., ltd.) and enabled the leadingpharm (zhengzhou) research institute to make every effort to help build the first whole-industry-chain cxo platform in henan province.


opportunities and challenges coexist, promote cxo to upgrade the industry

wallace tao said that in the process of entrepreneurship, the biggest difficulty is the uncertainty of industry policies and varies changes of business environment. for countries in rapid development, there were great changes every year. under various blockades, the chinese government's reform efforts were unprecedented. at the same time, the improvement of the business environment also gave enterprises more confidence. leadingpharm has come to zhengzhou airport economy zone for two years. we have been deeply moved by the efficient and warm business environment of the airport economy zone, and we will bear ideal fruits in the airport experimental zone!

for the development trend of the pharmaceutical industry, wallace tao believes that the pharmaceutical industry will have great changes in the next 2-3 years. in particular, the dividend of the first wave of biomedical innovation has been exhausted, the operation mode of the main players of innovative drugs will come to an end, and nearly 90% of biotech companies will be out. the relationship among capital, government and enterprises will be redefined, and the underlying logic of new drug r&d should be fully reconstructed. as a cxo company in the whole industrial chain, leadingpharm will play the role of "flower protector" in the process of reconstruction. the stage of cxo is moving towards a higher industrial level.