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the clinical research protocol seminar of insulin-凯发官方

release time:2022-04-16

recently, the clinical research protocol seminar of insulin-promoting secretory peptide fusion protein injection launched by beijing leadingpharm · deep blue ocean (zhengzhou), cnbg and lanzhou institute of cnbg was held smoothly online. the project is expected to bring more convenient, safe and effective treatment for the vast majority of patients with type diabetes.

professor lixin guo, director of endocrinology department of beijing hospital


▲ ms.yunkai yang, director of clinical medical center the team of cnb  (left) 、mr.ronghuo zhang, vice president of leadingpharm and general manager of deep blue ocean (zhengzhou), and the clinical operation and medical team  (right)

project information

drug name: insulin-promoting secretory peptide fusion protein injection

drug advantages: this drug can further prolong the half-life in the body on the premise of ensuring the hypoglycemic effect and protecting the cell function, so as to reduce the drug frequency of patients under the same treatment effect.

project process: the project adopts a new protein structure, which belongs to a new biological agent, and has achieved good results in the process of animal experiments. it is expected to achieve a good blood glucose control goal once every 10 to 15 days. the first human trial in healthy people has been completed, with good safety and tolerability performance.


in this process of cooperation, leadingpharm · deep blue ocean (zhengzhou) will lead the team members and work with all parties, to accelerate the project listing process with responsible attitude, efficient execution, and professional, standardized and systematic operation management mode. we hope to provide better treatment options for type ii diabetes, and  help the rapid development of china's pharmaceutical health industry.

this project is another cooperation between leadingpharm · deep blue ocean (zhengzhou) and cnbg. among many cooperation, both sides have established a relationship of mutual trust and demonstrated a high sense of responsibility. the leadingpharm’s professional, efficient and experienced clinical team combined with cnbg’s strong scientific research strength and rich product lines have promoted the multiple varieties projects process. hope we can deepen cooperation in more fields and contribute to the realization of the healthy china strategy.

leadingpharm- deep blue ocean(zhengzhou)

deep blue ocean biomedical (zhengzhou) is a well-known brand created by leadingpharm in the field of clinical cro. at present, over 500 clinical studies have been completed. 50 to 100 be studies can be completed each year, as well as 10 to 20 clinical studies of class ⅰ new drugs. the service areas include phase ⅰ~ⅳ clinical research, be research and pk / pd with biological drugs, chemical drugs, chinese medicine, medical devices and drugs for cell and gene therapy, and the indications are involved in tumor, blood and endocrine, digestive, neurology, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, kidney/urinary and other fields.

deep blue ocean (zhengzhou) has set up medical department, clinical operation department, data department, quality control committee, pharmacovigilance department, registration department, human genetic resources management committee and other departments. it can promote the development of clinical research and the transformation of clinical research outsourcing service with innovative service mode and multi-dimensional information technology, and provide customers with diversified r & d support and services, including phase i ~ iv clinical trials of innovative drugs and generic drugs, generic pharmacokinetic (pk / pd) clinical studies, in vivo and in vitro correlation studies (ivivr), clinical research of medical devices and third-party inspection, etc., fully cover large and small molecular drugs, meet the clinical research needs of different types of enterprises, and open up the most critical bottleneck before the new drug market for customers at home and abroad.

at present, deep blue ocean (zhengzhou) has a highly professional clinical service team of more than 400 people, and has set up resident offices in more than 20 central cities such as tianjin, shijiazhuang, wuhan, changsha, hangzhou, zhengzhou, shenyang, dalian, guangzhou and xi'an. it has established cooperation with nearly 1000 pharmaceutical clinical institutions and more than 600 clinical hospitals in china, such as the first hospital of peking university, beijing anzhen hospital, beijing fuwai cardiovascular hospital, shanghai changhai hospital, zhongshan hospital affiliated to fudan university, jiangsu provincial people's hospital, china japan friendship hospital of jilin university, the first hospital affiliated to harbin medical university, guangdong hospital of traditional chinese medicine the first affiliated hospital of tianjin university of traditional chinese medicine and other cooperative hospitals, over 1500 departments.