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new year’s greeting-凯发官方

publisher:wallace tao release time:2021-12-31
new year’s greeting


i have never felt so urgent to write a new year's greeting to you all. in the heroic 2021, there are too many people and things worthy of our praise. natural disasters have made our living environment difficult, but strengthened our spirit and triggered our long-standing instinct to find light. i believe we will eventually stand between heaven and earth, become higher and stronger!


in 2021, people living in the chinese version were the happiest and luckiest in the world! the responsibility of the government, the self-confidence of the nation, the self-discipline of people and the solid backing of scientific and technological development have supported us resist the covid-19. therefore, we can promote common prosperity and the  third-time distribution in an orderly manner; comprehensively promote the three-child policy, carbon neutrality and double reduction; more importantly, the promulgation of the law of the people's republic of china on progress of science and technology will lead us to break the blockade of science and technology and become the wind vane of global science and technology in the near future. all this makes us truly feel the confidence of the nation and the prosperity and strength of the country!


in 2021, leadingpharm never stopped. in july, over 260 fresh graduates joined us, which means their scientific and technological life and social transformation began with leadingpharm. in addition to continuing to improve the zhengzhou strategic bearing area of leadingpharm cxo system, chongqing and hangzhou bases will be arranged to complete the research of innovative drugs and the layout of high-end preparations, and continue to lead the industry in new drug research and development; in 2021, the clinical research of new drugs continued to innovate, leadingpharm took the lead in carrying out clinical research in the fields of medical beauty, special medical food and cell therapy; in 2021, significant progress was made in the cooperation of "government-industry-university-research-hospital", and in-depth cooperation was made with cnbg, ccic, huluwa group, as well as multinational enterprises in south korea, japan, europe and the united states in many fields such as projects, technologies, platforms and joint construction of research institutes; in 2021, in order to help biotech enterprises, leadingpharm will make in-depth output from the aspects of pharmaceutical administration, medicine and qa/qc, go into the interior of enterprises, assist them in various management work, and strive for the safe listing of products.


in 2021, we won many honors, including the top of the pharmaceutical r & d enterprises’ ranking list of all china federation of industry and commerce , law-abiding and honest enterprises, zhongguancun collaborative innovation platform of high-precision and cutting-edge industries, the top-ten cutting-edge figures in china's pharmaceutical industry, the executive director of china research hospital association and the vice chairman of the professional committee for the creation of new drugs of integrated traditional chinese and western medicine; in 2021, we also made outstanding achievements in cultural construction, including the donation for the red ribbon sunshine school, calling pharmaceutical companies together to join the competition of hood to coast. we wrote our oath with confidence and struggle to make china a world-class player in pharmaceutical technology development and production process!


in 2022, the epidemic is no longer an excuse. suffering makes the world more united and make life stronger. leadingpharm will continue to write our dream of contributing to the pharmaceutical industry of china in the dawn of the new year!


happy new year to all members of leadingpharm!

wallace tao, chairman of leadingpharm

december 31, 2021