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a warm chinese new year and a smooth way home – leadingpharm’s heartwarming measures makes the new year more festive-凯发官方

release time:2022-01-29

the spring festival is approaching, leadingpharm also has strong festival atmosphere. facing with the severe and complex situation of covid-19 prevention and control, whether to "go home" or "celebrate the new year locally" has become a question for every member in leadingpharm. in this regard, leadingpharm launched a series of warm-hearted measures for employees who celebrate the new year locally, and provide convenience for employees who return home.

a kindly regard, a warmly blessing

in order to cooperate with the government's epidemic prevention and control measures, part of leadingpharm members chose to celebrate the new year locally.

"this is the second time i spend the new year alone. the epidemic in henan is repeated, and the government advocates celebrating the new year locally, so i decided to stay in beijing with my dormitory partners again. leadingpharm has prepared special purchases for the spring festival for us, and i'm looking forward to this different festival." a colleague who has worked for many years said.

leadingpharm sent new year's greetings and benefits to colleagues from beijing r&d base, hexie clinical divisions, zhengzhou r&d base research branch, miyun r&d base and clinical offices all over the country, so as to add warmth and share a wisp of homesickness


ms. julie gao, president of leadingpharm, said that leadingpharm has achieved gratifying results in all sections, business divisions, and departments in 2021! thank all members of leadingpharm for their love, seriousness and full devotion to their work in 2021! in this spring festival, leadingpharm sent the warmest new year gift bag to colleagues who celebrate the new year locally. during the festival, you may spend a special chinese new year with the "family" of leadingpharm, read a long-lost book patiently, visit the mountains and gardens, enjoy the world of snow led by the spirit of the winter olympics, enjoy the steaming dumplings with families of leadingpharm... wish every colleague of leadingpharm and their family members happy and healthy!


mr. jianlei kang, vice president and cto of leadingpharm, ms. ying dong, vice president and general manager of analytical testing division, mr. xiang zhang, vice president, ms. yunfan yao, vice president and director of pharmaceutical administration division, as well as general managers and department directors of all divisions participated in spring festival appreciation activities! they said that in this special period, although they can not reunit with their families, they can send greetings and express their love online, wish everyone a happy new year and further progress in 2022.


help welfare to go home

due to the severe epidemic situation, it is necessary to hold 48-hour-nucleic-acid­-test reports when leaving or arriving. in response to the requirements of local epidemic prevention, people in beijing who plan to return home have lined up at detection agency in the cold winter. therefore, leadingpharm has arranged on-site nucleic acid sampling and testing services for employees, and made every effort to support employees to return home in low-risk areas smoothly.

"i hope to spend the first spring festival with my family after participating in work. i feel like i haven't been home for a long time. i miss my parents as well as my friends. i hope we can get together," said a colleague who has just been participating in work for half a year.



colorful activities to celebrate the spring festival


while implementing the epidemic prevention policy, departments of leadingpharm have held fraternity meetings, tea parties and other activities. everyone actively interacted and talked about the future, showed their talents, shared joy, congratulated the spring festival, which created a strong festival atmosphere.




leadingpharm wish you all a happy spring festival!