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the 2021 year-凯发官方

release time:2021-12-26

on december 24, the 2021 year-end summary meeting and new year's greeting party of leadingpharm zhengzhou base was successfully held in lifezhengzhou biomedical industrial park, opening the prelude to the leadingpharm cxo system. as an important carrier of leaadingpharm cxo system, zhengzhou has efficiently completed various objectives and tasks in the past year with the joint efforts of all employees and the strong support of people from all walks of life. the six plates have been smoothly promoted and operated, laying a solid foundation for the promotion of the leadingpharm cxo system nationwide.


at this summary meeting, chairman wallace tao clearly shared the national layout logic of the leadingpharm cxo system to the participating employees and guests, and made a detailed introduction from high-end preparations to new drug research, from the establishment of project funds to the investment of excellent projects in the industry, from preclinical to the closed-loop of cdmo, as well as the interaction and mutual assistance with lifezhengzhou and the government to promote the upgrading of local health industry, and made clear arrangements for the work direction of the next year.


participants:chairman of leadingpharm, mr. wallace tao; general manager of tailong, mr. jianchao luo; vice president of leadingpharm and general manager of deep blue ocean, mr. ronghuo zhang; vice president and chief technology officer of leadingpharm, mr. jianlei kang; as well as many senior executives.

general manager jianchao luo encouraged leadingpharm, as an important sector of a listed company, to seize the opportunity to become bigger and stronger, so as to lay a solid foundation for the transformation and upgrading of tailong.

after the meeting, the leaders of the lifezhengzhou industrial park, staff of leadingpharm and enterprise representatives attended a simple but grand party. the participating enterprises expressed their gratitude to leaders of lifezhengzhou and zhengzhou airport economy zone for their support and for providing enterprises excellent business environment. everyone talked about the future, and made efforts to achieve the rise of biomedical new power of central plains.

mr. jianchao luo, general manager of tailong (first from left), mr. zhong nan, chairman and general manager of chuangtai (second from left), mr. wallace tao, chairman of leadingpharm (middle), ms. bing ma, general manager of lifezhengzhou biomedical park (second from right), mr. qi lei, investment promotion bureau of zhengzhou airport economy zone and service center of lifezhengzhou industrial park (first from the right),all wish leadingpharm and the park a better future!

looking back on 2021, all leadingpharm members pulled together, made concerted efforts and gained growth and harvest. looking forward to 2022, we have the same goal and full of confidence! let's look forward to the leadingpharm cxo system blooming all over the country!