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leadingpharm (chongqing) biomedical integrated r & d service base project was officially signed and settled in yongchuan-凯发官方

release time:2021-12-14

 (reprinted from the website of chongqing municipal people's government)

on december 10, the project of leadingpharm (chongqing) biomedical integrated r & d service base was officially signed and settled. leadingpharm will work together with yongchuan to build a biomedical industry cluster with national influence. zhikui zhang, secretary of yongchuan district party committee, xiaoyong chang, deputy secretary of yongchuan district party committee and head of yongchuan district, and tao xinhua, chairman of leadingpharm, attended the signing ceremony.


entrusted by zhikui zhang, xiaoyong chang congratulated the signing of the project on behalf of the party committee and the government of yongchuan. he said that in recent years, focusing on the new development stage, yongchuan has fully, accurately and comprehensively implemented the new development concept, actively integrated into and served the new development pattern, and gave full play to the regional advantages of connecting the east to the west, the transportation advantages of smooth internal and external connection, the industrial advantages of both quality and efficiency, the advantages of vocational education with abundant talents, the innovation advantages of the national high-tech zone and the opening advantages of the comprehensive bonded zone, unswervingly attracted investment, built projects and promoted transformation, and took solid steps to build a leading area for high-quality development and a demonstration area for high-quality life.


at present, yongchuan is speeding up the construction of modern manufacturing base and western vocational education base in accordance with the requirements of the planning outline for the construction of chengdu-chongqing economic circle, which urgently needs the support and drive of large enterprises and projects. yongchuan will take the enterprise evaluation as the first evaluation and the subject's feeling of the market as the first feeling, and go all out to create first-class conditions and environment, provide first-class services, so as to boost the development of enterprises in yongchuan district. hope leadingpharm will seize the favorable opportunity, make early planning and careful arrangements, promote the project construction with high standards, high levels and high efficiency, and strive for the early commencement, completion, production and efficiency of the project.

leadingpharm is the first cro company of pharmaceutical r & d listed on the main board in china. it has a mature drug r & d management system meets the ich standard, rich project operation experience and a senior team of experts at home and abroad. it is reported that the company plans to invest 2.4 billion yuan in yongchuan, and invest in the construction of leadingpharm research institute (chongqing branch), leadingpharm (chongqing) mah company, cro company of cell & gene therapy, cdmo base, chongqing mah information platform and management center in two phases. within five years after the project is put into operation, it will achieve an output value of 1.5 billion yuan and build it into a biomedical industry cluster with national influence.


wen deng, member of the standing committee of the district party committee and deputy secretary of the party group of the district government, and jianlei kang, vice president and cto of leadingpharm, signed the contract on behalf of both parties.

vice mayor hanfeng wang presided over the meeting.