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leadingpharm and huluwa work together to jointly build a high-凯发官方

release time:2021-11-27

recently, leadingpharm and huluwa pharmaceutical group signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation, and the two sides reached a cooperation intention on the construction of a high-end pediatric drug research institute. mr.wallace tao, chairman of leadingpharm, ms.julie gao, president, ms.jingping liu, chairman of huluwa and other leaders attended the signing ceremony.


mr.wallace tao, chairman of leadingpharm, is full of confidence in the cooperation and said: "both huluwa and leadingpharm have a sense of mission of serving children's health and have efficient execution. i believe that the cooperation between the two sides will be implemented quickly and bring surprises to the industry.”

ms.jingping liu, chairman of huluwa pharmaceutical group, pointed out: " our corporate values are highly consistent and complement each other's advantages. the pediatric drug research institute jointly built by both sides will deeply layout the global industrial chain and value chain of children's drug research and development in the future.”

the high-end pediatric pharmaceutical research institute jointly built leadingphaem and huluwa, with the research and development of high-end pediatric drugs as the core, provides technical services to global pharmaceutical enterprises, mainly for the development, improvement and innovation of special high-end preparations. the institute will fully cover the fields of chemical medicine, traditional chinese medicine and biological drugs, and focus on the scarce fields such as otc drugs, traditional chinese medicine formulas, hospital preparations, special medical products, biological preparations and other medicinal drugs.


at present, 90% of the drugs in the domestic market do not have children's dosage forms, and among the drugs in circulation on the market, less than 2% are suitable for children. the existing pediatric drugs are generally ordinary granules, tablets, oral fluids and other dosage forms, and high-end dosage forms are very short in children's drugs for use. after the establishment of the high-end pediatric drug research institute jointly built by leadingpharm and huluwa, it will actively develop children's dosage form with high technical barriers and market prospects such as dry suspension agents, oral collapse tablets, inhalation tablets, oral solvents, micro tablets and wide market prospects.

huluwa pharmaceutical group

with the corporate mission of "make chinese children healthy", huluwa pharmaceutical group is committed to building a whole-category industry chain of children's health in china, establishing "the first brand of children's medicine in china", and providing professional health services for the whole life cycle of children. as the first a-share listed enterprise after the release of the hainan free trade port policy, huluwa pharmaceutical has continued to innovate in the field of drug research and development, production and sales.

under the premise of doing its own operation, the high-end pediatric drug research institute jointly built by leadingpharm and huluwa will actively carry out foreign cooperation, cooperate with influential enterprises, research institutions and scientific research institutes at home and abroad, to carry out the introduction and transformation of technology or products. this research institute will be located in hangzhou and haikou. with the implementation of the project, it will fill the gap in the field of high-end pediatric drug research and development in hangzhou, and help hangzhou pharmaceutical industry cluster and become the highland of pharmaceutical research and development of the world.


in the existing domestic pediatric drug research and development environment with strong homogeneity and insufficient product advantages, we believe that the high-end pediatric drug research institute jointly built by leadingpharm and huluwa will surely stand out and bring more high-quality drugs with small side effects to chinese children, and set sail in this field and benefit all humanity!