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congratulation! | congratulate mr. tao xinhua, chairman of leadingpharm, on awarding the title of "top 10 rising star of china’s pharmaceutical industry in 2020"-凯发官方

release time:2021-10-19

recently, the "most influential company press conference of china's pharmaceutical industry in 2020" hosted by the all-china federation of industry and commerce medical & pharmaceutical chamber was released in jinan, shandong province. mr. tao xinhua, chairman of leadingpharm, won the honorary title of "top 10 rising star of china’s pharmaceutical industry in 2020 - leader of cxo-whole-industry-chain service system "!

the award speech mentioned that mr. tao xinhua has always cherished the corporate vision of “we make china a world-class player in pharmaceutical technology development and production process!”, committed to promoting the development of china's pharmaceutical industry with innovative r & d and service modes and information technology, led the team to overcome the technical barriers of high-end preparations, and promoted the development of china's generic drug consistency evaluation to a higher level.

at the same time, with an open and shared attitude, he established leadingpharm cxo integrated service model covering the whole life cycle of pharmaceutical r & d including preclinical research, clinical cro and cdmo, created a unique and more dynamic cooperation model in the industry, and effectively promoted the transformation and implementation of pharmaceutical innovation achievements.

under the macro policy guidance of the government, which vigorously promote the innovation and development of biomedicine, china's pharmaceutical industry is experiencing the industrial upgrading of "comprehensive independent innovation". during this period, a number of advanced collectives and individuals who dare to be the first and bravely stand at the forefront have emerged, of which mr. tao xinhua is one of the representatives.

the character of innovative medicine research is like a long and thorny track, which process is more like a relay race. some people need to do basic research, some people do application transformation, and some people do market development. from drug discovery to drug into the market, multi-disciplinary close cooperation is needed. with the increasingly stringent national requirements for innovative medicine research, the risk of which is increasing, which means companies should fully examine their own strength, comprehensively consider their own culture, ability and other factors, and follow the trend. the real differentiated competition is the differentiation of company core competitiveness, rather than differentiation of research. based on the profound accumulation of the leadingpharm in the field of pharmaceutical r & d, mr. tao xinhua took the lead in putting forward the concept of leadingpharm cxo closed-loop service system of the whole industrial chain, and established an open service platform covering the whole life cycle including new drug screening, preclinical research, clinical research and cdmo service, which can provide one-stop services with higher adaptability for the incubation of innovative projects, and help scientists solve the "last mile" problem of the listing of innovative products, empower innovative industries and lead the industry to be  more intensive and develop with higher quality.

with the full implementation of marketing authorization holder (mah) system, marketing authorization holder bear legal responsibility for drug safety, effectiveness and controllable quality. however, many mah companies' talent and quality control systems are relatively weak, resulting in the smooth implementation of the project. to solve this problem, mr. tao xinhua guided the service upgrading of leadingpharm cxo system, helped innovative companies with a series of management outputs such as document system construction, qa management system construction, pharmaceutical registration and compliance construction, helped companies fill innovation loopholes and promoted the transformation and implementation of innovative achievements.

the cxo service industry has been selected and won awards for the first time since the establishment of “the most influential company press conference of pharmaceutical industry”, which also means that cxo service plays an increasingly important role in the whole pharmaceutical field. cxo integration in the whole quadrant will become a general trend of industry development. the pharmaceutical industry has begun to tilt from industrial and commercial leadership to cxo, which makes the leaders of cxo play an increasingly prominent role in the whole industry.

“we make china a world-class player in pharmaceutical technology development and production process!” is the common wish of every member in leadingpharm. it is the responsibility of every pharmaceutical person to realize the strategy for the rejuvenation of chinese medicine. tao xinhua, chairman of the board, has always cherished a strong sense of patriotism, taking the realization of our nation's pharmaceutical rejuvenation as his own responsibility, doing solid work, taking the lead, leading companies to constantly explore the road of innovation and development, and making positive contributions to the nation's pharmaceutical rejuvenation.

finally, congratulate mr. tao xinhua again on awarding the title of "top 10 rising star of china’s pharmaceutical industry in 2020" ! congratulations to leadingpharm for being the top 50 pharmaceutical r & d companies in china, and won many honors such as law-abiding and honest enterprise in china's pharmaceutical industry in 2020, top 50 growth enterprises in china's pharmaceutical industry in 2020, top 50 of independent innovation private enterprise! thanks every medical person for working hard for national rejuvenation!