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blockbuster news | the most influential list of china's pharmaceutical industry of 2020 was released, leadingpharm won many honors-凯发官方

release time:2021-10-16

top of chinese pharmaceutical r & d companies

on october 16, 2021, the first taishan medicine forum and 2020 china medicine industry most influential list conference sponsored by the pharmaceutical chamber of commerce of all-china federation of industry and commerce and china pharmacy magazine was successfully held in jinan, shandong province.

beijing leadingpharm successfully reelected

top of chinese pharmaceutical r & d companies

law-abiding and honest enterprises in chinese pharmaceutical industry in 2020

top 50 growth of chinese pharmaceutical industry in 2020"

pioneer of independent innovation (50) private enterprises


leadingpharm always adheres to the corporate vision of "we make china a world-class player in pharmaceutical technology development and production process!", and has accumulated 17 years in generic drug research and development and clinical research. relying on a strong team of experts, technical advantages and a sound quality management system, it has constantly overcome technical barriers of high-end preparations, solved the "neck-stuck" problem, and promoted the development of china's pharmaceutical industry to a higher level.



top 10 new figures in chinese pharmaceutical industry in 2020

in 2020, chairman tao xinhua put forward the leadingpharm cxo closed-loop service system of the whole industry chain for the first time. with an open and shared attitude, he cut into the industrial chain and supply chain of pharmaceutical r&d, built an endogenous closed-loop ecological circle of innovative r&d, and efficiently promoted the transformation of pharmaceutical innovation achievements.chairman tao xinhua, was awarded the honorary title of top 10 synrad people in china's pharmaceutical industry in 2020.


in an interview with sina medicine, mr. tao mentioned that new drug research is a long track, and the country has increasingly strict requirements for innovative drug research, so the risk of new drug research and development is relatively high. in this context, enterprises should fully examine their own strength, consider their own culture, ability and other factors, and take advantage of the trend. the real differentiated competition is the differentiation of the core competitiveness of enterprises, rather than choosing to do "differentiated research". the leading medicine is based on its deep accumulation in the field of medicine research and development. we have established a whole industry chain service system from new drug screening, preclinical research to clinical research and cdmo services. we hope to set a new benchmark for the industry, provide platform-based services with higher adaptability and lead the industry to more intensive and higher quality development.

leadingpharm signed a strategic contract with hebei huachen

the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between beijing leadingpharm and hebei huachen was successfully completed under the witness of the guests present. the signing of this contract is a new starting point for cooperation between the two parties. all parties will continue to uphold the concept of mutual benefit and win-win, establish a deeper strategic alliance, and realize multi-level and all-round cooperation from product pipeline selection and product quality upgrade to innovative product development.

shoulder the responsibility of chamber of commerce and promote integration and development

this conference brought together more than 800 industry experts and enterprise managers from all over the country. with the theme of "whole industry, big platform, deep integration and common development", round-table dialogues, thematic discussions and peak discussions were held around the macro situation, hot issues and market pattern changes faced by the industry.


in his speech, xiu laigui, president of the chamber of commerce of pharmaceutical industry of the all-china federation of industry and commerce, said that at present, the vast number of pharmaceutical enterprises are recovering and developing to varying degrees, and will certainly show greater strength in the great process of common prosperity. it is expected that the majority of medical colleagues will constantly improve their professional standards, pursue excellent quality, meet the challenges of the times, be brave in innovation and change, actively fulfill their social responsibilities and medical missions, shoulder the heavy burden of chinese medical development and revitalization, and make new contributions to a healthy china.


mr. li zhaoqian, party member and vice chairman of the all-china federation of industry and commerce, also attended the meeting and put forward higher requirements for the development of the chamber of commerce. he said that the all-china federation of industry and commerce, as a people's organization and chamber of commerce with private enterprises and entrepreneurs as the main body, should always bear in mind the entrustment of general secretary xi jinping, strengthen ideals and beliefs, hold the great ambition of the country, serve the overall situation of the country, grasp the new opportunities of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, lay out new industries and future industries ahead of time, speed up digital transformation and intelligent transformation, focus on improving product quality and service quality, and strive to grasp new economic growth points, enhance the level of innovation and green development, and build socialism in an all-round way.


as the vice president unit of the chamber of commerce, leadingpharm will always remember the responsibility of "doing practical things and serving member units", and always cherish the corporate vision of “we make china a world-class player in pharmaceutical technology development and production process!”, grasp the new stage, integrate into the new development pattern, constantly explore and innovate, and work with the majority of medical colleagues to help the great health of chinese medicine and realize the dream of healthy china!