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leadingpharm 2021 the second hiking event successfully completed-凯发官方

release time:2021-10-18

on october 16th in beijing, over 200 new employees of leadingpharm in 2021 gathered in zhongguancun forest park to participate in the second hiking activity in 2021 with the theme of "protecting health and walking with doctors". leading the new beijing headquarters, zhengzhou research institute, miyun base, zhengzhou deep blue sea and local offices to carry out this activity simultaneously, which together laid a solid and healthy foundation for realizing the chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation.

prepare for departure


▲ the activity support staff is preparing intensively, organizing sign-in, distributing watercolor pens, organizing lottery, and arriving at the referee point to wait for the players. you are the cutest people.

▲ all team members give full play to their imagination, design team flags.


hiking process

▲ all team members hold high the team flag, listen to the autumn wind, step on fallen leaves, talk and laugh, and accompany their peers.

▲ miyun base, zhengzhou research institute and local offices carried out hiking activities at the same time, marching towards the goal at a compact pace, taking a photo at the scenic spots along the way, and bursting with happiness.

▲ in order to enhance team cohesion and increase everyone's participation, we set up photo clearance task points and unlock various photo poses.


awarding moment


▲ a group photo for the winning team

ms yao yunfan and ms dong ying, vice presidents of leadingpharm, and other senior leaders of the company also attended the event, feeling the nature and moving forward healthily with everyone. the hiking activity ended successfully with laughter and laughter. we saw a group of energetic members of leadingpharm, full of vigor and enthusiasm.

we are engaged in medical and health undertakings, and we must have a healthy body and spirit. leadingpharm always uphold the spirit of hood to coast, persevere in the process of drug research and development, overcome difficulties, go forward towards the goal, and contribute to the strategy of healthy china. at the same time, we also hope that through this hiking activity, we will encourage everyone to get close to nature, strengthen their physique, face life and work with a positive, sunny and upward attitude, and let us be the decent member of leadingpharm together!