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love alma mater | lanzhou university alumni tao xinhua donated money on behalf of leadingpharm to support cuiying memory project-凯发官方

release time:2021-09-16

recently, mr. tao xinhua, chairman of beijing leadingpharm, donated 200,000 yuan to lanzhou university, his alma mater, to support the printing and distribution of the series of cuiying memory project in lanzhou university. mr. tao said that the cuiying memory project was a historical project of great significance. as an alumnus of lanzhou university, he was very willing to support the school to carry out this meaningful work.


cuiying memory project was launched in march 2012 and initiated by the oral archives research center of lanzhou university. with the aim of "pursuing cuiying culture and inheriting the spirit of lanzhou university", it collects oral materials and videos by interviewing and collecting, sorting out and studying relevant historical materials such as texts, pictures and objects. among the interviewees, there are not only highly respected old gentlemen, but also outstanding alumni who work hard. there are not only old leaders and veteran cadres who have held leadership positions at all levels, but also old workers and veteran comrades who have worked hard and dedicated themselves to ordinary posts. they are the founders and pioneers of lanzhou university, and they are the and witnesses of the history of lanzhou university. keeping their images means keeping lanzhou university for a hundred years. to retain their memory is to retain the eternal style of lanzhou university. their retrospect and narration from different angles together constitute the collective memory of people of lanzhou university, which is extremely precious.

chairman tao graduated from lanzhou university with a major in organic chemistry. after graduation, he has been focusing on the development of his alma mater. he has served as the distinguished professor of the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of lanzhou university and the president of the global pharmaceutical industry alumni association of lanzhou university, etc., and has been giving back to his alma mater with his practical actions. in a meeting with mr. wang qiulin, the deputy director of oral archives research center of lanzhou university, knowing that there was a lack of funds for the publication of the cuiying memory project series, mr. tao immediately decided to donate 200,000 yuan to support this project, so that more lanzhou people's advanced deeds and touching spirit could be better inherited and carried forward.

chairman tao said that during his four years at lanzhou university, it was the stage of reshaping his world outlook. under the influence of the school motto of his alma mater, which is "self-improvement and unique", he developed his personality of independent thinking and unyielding spirit of struggle. in the long years of his life, his alma mater will always be an inexhaustible source of strength no matter where he is or what his circumstances are. recalling his school experience, mr. tao also thanked the teachers and students who gave him guidance and help in life, which made him spend a memorable college time. we deeply appreciate the cultivation of our alma mater, pay close attention to the construction and development of our alma mater, and call on more lanzhou university students to contribute to our alma mater!


wang qiulin, deputy director of oral archives research center of lanzhou university, expressed his heartfelt thanks to leadingpharm for its full support to cuiying memory project, and will work harder to do a good job in oral archives research, thus contributing to the inheritance of lanzhou university's fine academic atmosphere and school spirit.