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2021 hood to coast-凯发官方

release time:2021-09-27

night can't stop the passion of warriors.

heavy fog can't hide the warriors’ fortitude.

on september 25, 2021,

ten teams of "medical group".

successfully finished the race with excellent results.


this is a contest with courage and persistence.

145.6 kilometers, 10 teams.

from the rising of the morning star to sunset.

accompanied by the sea of clouds, the mountain road is ups and downs.

medical group, go all out, and triumph together!

carrying the expectations of teammates, set out ~

i was wearing a headlight, but could only see 2-3 meters in front of me, and it rained again. i wanted to give up many times, but i heard my teammates pass by me and shouted my name. i knew they were waiting for me ahead, and i didn't want to live up to this expectation!


in the foggy weather, i didn't know how many slopes were ahead. i only knew that my legs were getting heavier and heavier. i only knew that i couldn't stop!


it's almost time for the relay, so i tried my best to win even one second for my teammates.

at every relay point, teammate tied my arm bag and encouraged me to start a new journey!

i saw that he was still desperately turning the wheel. what reason do i have to give up?

it was getting dark, and i saw my teammates waving to me at the finish line. i knew we had succeeded.

i am a family member of leadingpharm, and i deeply love this sport. the culture of leadingpharm infects each of us.

i am a chariot of medical group, ready to go ......

as a service person, my goal is to ensure that all players finish the race safely. i am very glad that i have done it


team performance

bioclub teamleadingpharm team

leadingpharm joint team

marine joint team

team of lifezhengzhou

leadingpharm-lanzhou university pharmaceutical industry alumni association

bioclub team

kangerfu team

shimadzu team

sun-novo team

healthshare team


post-match speech

medical group, from now on, we do not disgrace our mission: for china's health cause, we have been running and on the road!

—— tao xinhua, chairman of leadingpharm and founder of medical group.

there are many heavyweight enterprises in china's pharmaceutical industry in the pharmaceutical group. thank you, mr. tao, for convening pharmaceutical enterprises and promoting communication among pharmaceutical enterprises. as medical people, we should exercise more. our health is the wealth of society and our contribution to society.

—— kangerfu team, song mingxuan

to participate in such large-scale competitions as hood to coast, we represent the chinese pharmaceutical industry. we have not only witnessed the hard work of each team, but also witnessed the growth of the pharmaceutical industry.

——liu yujing, sun-novo team

hood to coast is a team sport, what every team member thinks is to live up to his mission. the best management is not by strict and meticulous rules and regulations, but by all people striving for a common goal and doing their best.

——li junbo, shimadzu team

before the competition, our strongest player had a high fever, so only four people came to participate in the competition, four people ran five people's roads, and they didn't have enough rest time. in addition, some people were injured, so they finally chose to quit the competition. we believe that the choice to abandon the competition is right. when making the choice, we should not only cooperate and persist, but also be practical. if our strongest player doesn't have a fever, we can definitely finish the race. i'll see you on the field next year!

—— wang haisheng, healthshare team

prepare at 1:30 am and start at 4:00 am.

we have experienced night, fog, drizzle, sunshine and the most beautiful autumn together.

we have done our best with every stick.

slope after slope, only experienced people can feel his difficulties and his extraordinary.

looking forward to the next time together, live up to your love and go to the mountains and seas.

——li fengjuan, leadingpharm team

across the night, fog, rain …

overcome fear, fatigue, hunger and cold …

there is a kind of happiness called traveling all the way, and there is a kind of pure happiness called going all out!

thanks to leadingpharm, thanks to the medical group, and keep running for china's health cause!

——zhang xiang, leadingpharm joint team.

with one heart to speed, with one heart to far. the goal is just ahead, we can adjust at any time in the process, fight side by side, encourage each other and go all out, and finally we can achieve it.

——yao yunfan, marine joint team

we use non-stop running to show our leadingpharm spirit and show the elegant demeanor of the medical group!

——zhao deqian, leadingpharm team

after the race, i experienced what every kilometer is extraordinary, unexpected slope and unexpected difficulty. thanks to team's mutual support, everyone tried their best, glad you came!

——liu xiaoming, leadingpharm joint team

from night, to early morning, and then to sunset, the race over the mountain to the sea is just like life-from groping when growing up, to struggling when starting a business, and finally enjoying the race-going over the mountain to the sea makes us happy because of our health.

—— yin xiaohong, joint team of leadingpharm and lanzhou pharmaceutical industry alumni association

we haven't been in contact with running for a long time. we race with the goal of finishing the race, and each of us has broken through ourselves. "it's easy to win over others, but difficult to win over ourselves". today, we can return triumphantly, and each of us is a winner.

——li jian, team of lifezhengzhou

this is the second time that i participated in hood to coast. thanks to the trust and support of my team partners. from last year's uneasiness in the face of unknown difficulties to this year's firmness in darkness, fog and drizzle. from the running night, i know that as long as the goal is clear, the heart is firm, and i go all out to the road under my feet, i will be able to break through many obstacles and see the first sunshine in the morning.

——an dan, leadingpharm joint team

looking back at this competition, what makes me feel the deepest is the strength of the team, the sense of honor of the team and the charm of teamwork. no matter the team members or the logistics support staff, everyone is fighting for a common goal, encouraging each other and doing their best. let me fully feel the spirit of challenging myself, exceeding the limit and never giving up. looking forward to our next meeting!

——tian jin, team of lifezhengzhou biomedical park.

as a serviceman, this is my first time to take part in hood to coast, and felt the passion of every team member. i ran from dark to dawn, defying any difficulties, ran every step of my feet, and went all out. everyone enjoyed the whole process. team worked closely, logistics services are guaranteed, and the team members tried their best to finish the competition perfectly. every part is indispensable!

 ——wang yining, member of the service team

the charm of sports events makes people enchanted. thank you for all the touches brought to me by the medical group! i won't be a service member next year! i'm going to the track!

——wang xin, member of the service team.

for the first time, i participated in the activity of hood to coast organized by leadingpharm, started at 0: 00 in the middle of the night, which took more than 10 hours to finish the 145-kilometer journey in the rain. i saw the hardships of the runners during the race and the happiness when they reached the finish line, and truly realized the true meaning of "tired and happy". praise them!

——he guangxue, member of the photography team

there is a kind of happiness in life called "traveling all the way". together with china's health cause, we will cross the mountains to the sea!

——gao shijing, president of leadingpharm


this year is the first year of "medical group".
hoping more teams joining us next year.
run out of the elegant demeanour of medicine and health!