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"the whole industry, big platform, deep integration and common development" || leadingpharm fully helps the 8th china pharmaceutical r&d and service development summit forum.-凯发官方

release time:2021-10-15

on october 15, 2021, the first taishan pharmaceutical forum, which is sponsored by the chamber of commerce of pharmaceutical industry of all-china federation of industry and commerce and co-organized by leadingpharm and other units, together with the eighth china pharmaceutical r&d and service development summit forum and the pharmaceutical innovation and manufacturing integration development exchange meeting was successfully held in jinan, shandong province.


with the theme of industry-university-research-application hand in hand to promote the integration and development of innovative medicines, this forum focused on the integration and exchange of all-stage integrated services of pan-cxo, and built a platform for exchanges and cooperation in the whole industry chain, covering various fields such as chemical medicine, traditional chinese medicine, biological medicine, medical devices and medical beauty, which fully assisted the integration of imitation and creation in the whole field, and achieved win-win cooperation in resource sharing. it attracted more than 300 heavyweight guests from different links such as enterprise managers, industry researchers and industry participants.


▲ ms. lu donghong, head of technical service platform of pharmaceutical chamber of commerce of all-china federation of industry and commerce, and ms. liu yanshuang, head of business cooperation service platform, presided over the opening ceremony and introduced the specific situation of the chamber of commerce

▲ ms. gao shijing, president of leadingpharm, was invited to preside over the forum report

▲ dr. kang jianlei, vice president and chief technology officer of leadingpharm, was invited to give a keynote speech on "new direction of preparation innovation based on clinical excellence"


dr. kang is a former senior reviewer of cde, and has rich experience in drug research, development and review. combining with his profound understanding of laws and regulations, he made relevant reports on the direction of pharmaceutical innovation that everyone focused on. in recent years, with the release of laws, regulations and guiding principles related to generic drugs, innovative drugs and improved new drugs, the development of improved new drugs with obvious clinical advantages has become a new direction of preparation research and development. dr. kang suggested that enterprises should start from three aspects: improving product effectiveness, improving safety and enhancing compliance, and carry out project establishment in combination with multidisciplinary comprehensive evaluation such as clinical and pharmacy. through the case of the most classic improved new drug risperidone, he explained in detail the ideas and methods of preparation improvement, which provided a new road of innovation for the majority of pharmaceutical r&d enterprises.

subsequently, mr. tong yuanfeng, deputy general manager of sun-novo, mr. tan haisong, deputy general manager of hainan huayi taikang, and mr. zhou huayin, deputy general manager of shandong bainuo medicine, respectively gave keynote speeches on the hot topics related to generic drug research and development, such as "those pits", cdmo and mah. entrepreneurs and scientists combine practical cases to explain in simple terms.


▲ exchange and promotion of enterprise representatives


secondly, this meeting also invited dozens of enterprises in all fields of pan-cxo, such as chemical medicine, traditional chinese medicine, biological medicine, medical equipment and medical beauty, to exchange and promote, thus realizing the docking of supply and demand and achieving win-win development.


mr. tao xinhua, chairman of leadingpharm, vice president of the pharmaceutical chamber of commerce of the all-china federation of industry and commerce, made a concluding speech on behalf of the pharmaceutical chamber of commerce. tao mention that in the current medical environment, innovation is the main theme, but how to do it? do what? looking for who to do? all of these are big problem. many enterprises have fallen into innovation anxiety, even innovation depression, which has caused them to fall into a crisis of survival. nowadays, there are various innovation forums every day, and the organizers are even more varied. how many can really play a guiding role? under this background, as a responsible, capable and responsible organization and association, the chamber of commerce of the federation of industry and commerce and pharmaceutical industry will systematically hold a series of seminars through in-depth interpretation of policies and regulations, which will be an excellent choice for many enterprises caught in information confusion, not only saving enterprise resources, but also saving social resources, which truly embodies the purpose of holding the conference of "serving member enterprises, promoting industry development and devoting to human health".

the successful convening of this meeting really responded to the president's proposal of "strengthening cooperation among member enterprises", and really took root in cooperation. seeing that nearly 30 excellent cxo member enterprises have gathered together to share symbiosis in the chamber of commerce, we feel happy and warm. hope that more excellent enterprises will join us in the future and work together for the development of the pharmaceutical industry.