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over 50 new colleagues joined in leadingpharm cxo system, which has officially entered the era of accelerated development of 2.0!-凯发官方

release time:2021-09-06

on september 6, leadingpharm cxo platform ushered in a new group of more than 50 new colleagues, injecting new development vitality into lifezhengzhou biomedical park.


with the implementation of each module of the leadingpharm cxo system, the number of leadingpharm's personnel continues to grow. in 2021, leadingpharm successively employed 375 new employees, with a total number of more than 1000. this batch of more than 50 new employees settled in lifezhengzhou will meet the further development needs of zhengzhou branch of leadingpharm research institute, small molecule api & preparation cdmo and other platforms, marking that the leadingpharm cxo system has officially entered the era of 2.0 accelerated development!

among them, zhengzhou branch of leadingpharm research institute will focus on the research and development and quality research of high-end liquid preparations on the open platform of the leadingpharm cxo system, and effectively expand the business capacity of consistency evaluation of liquid preparations by radiation inhalation of various dosage forms such as preparations, oral liquid and eye drops, continue to carry out the research and development of high-efficiency and high-quality liquid preparations, and strive to build the first provincial engineering center for consistency evaluation of liquid preparations in henan, so as to comprehensively promote the high-quality development of the pharmaceutical industry in the central plains of china.

in addition, the project of leadingpharm(chongqing) cxo biomedical integrated r&d service base is also progressing steadily. it will develop together with lifezhengzhou and leadingpharm beijing to build a three-dimensional cxo ecological circle and serve global pharmaceutical enterprises.

▲photos of the laboratory


the second batch of intensive induction training for freshmen in 2021 was successfully held in zhengzhou biomedical park. mr. kang jianlei, vice president and chief technology officer of leadingpharm, mr. zhao deqian, head of zhengzhou branch of leadingpharm research institute, mr. liu jianjun, head and qa manager of zhengzhou branch of leadingpharm research institute, ms. jia qi, head and chief executive officer of zhengzhou branch of leadingpharm research institute, and dr. zhong nan, chairman of zhengzhou airport biomedical park, attended the ceremony. mr. tao xinhua, chairman of leadingpharm, president gao shijing, vice president dong ying, interacted and exchanged views with new employees online.

▲ induction training site


during the meetiing, president gao shijing pointed out, "choice means love, and determines the future". we are in a great and changing medical era. we have chosen the subdivision of medical research and development, and we must move forward with firm belief and unswerving attitude. while loving your industry, you should also love your family, friends and colleagues, and start your career with love. love ignites passion and inspires inspiration. love will also bring future success.

at the same time, leadingpharm will provide you with the best technology platform, expert team and the broadest development space. hope everyone can keep youthful passion and enthusiasm for scientific research on the platform of leadingpharm and make common development and progress, and become a decent member of leadingpharm.

▲ dr. zhong nan, chairman of lifezhengzhou biomedical park, delivered a live speech

later, dr. zhong nan, chairman of lifezhengzhou biomedical park, introduced the situation and development plan of the park in detail. dr. zhong nan said that the goal of the lifezhengzhou biomedical park is to participate in the industry and service industry, and build a cxo whole industry chain service system together with leadingpharm, so that professionals can focus on professional things. hope everyone can have a good development here, constantly improve the cxo whole industry chain service system, and make joint contributions to china's medical and health undertakings.

chairman tao xinhua pointed out that zhengzhou, as the main battlefield of leadingpharm cxo system, will become the benchmark project of the national biomedical industry in the future with its unique closed-loop advantage of industrial chain. at the same time, we are in an era of profound changes, and our industry is at a great and historic moment, especially during the global covid-19 outbreak, many industries were hit hard, but the pharmaceutical industry handed over satisfactory transcripts. we are delighted to see that the world's first covid-19-specific therapeutic drug prepared from plasma immunized with covid-19 inactivated vaccine, developed by sinopharm group's china bio-fighting research team in covid-19, has officially entered clinical research. as medical people, we shoulder the responsibility of rejuvenating the country through medicine, and every effort we make is to contribute to the realization of the beautiful vision of " we make china a world-class player in pharmaceutical technology development and production process! ". hope that the newly-joined colleagues can strengthen their confidence and work together and change the world.

starting from 6th, leadingpharm-lifezhengzhou will start a three-month induction training for new employees, including management regulations, skills and technology, company culture, laws and regulations, etc., to help new employees change their roles, devote themselves to their work and apply what they have learned.

▲ leaders and new employees review the oath of medical practitioners together


leadingpharm always cherish the corporate vision of "".  we love our posts and work hard, study hard, innovate constantly, throw our enthusiasm and sweat on the road of medical research and development, and work hard for the people's health!