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strategic cooperation | leadingpharm has reached strategic cooperation with dasan pharmaceutical (korea)-凯发官方

release time:2021-08-26

on august 26, the strategic signing ceremony between beijing leadingpharm medical and dashan pharmaceutical was held in research institute of leadingpharm in beijing.

leaders of leadingpharm, chairman tao xinhua, president gao shijing, vice president and general manager of clinical business division, zhang ronghuo, vice president yan yaodong, vice president and chief technical officer kang jianlei. former researcher of science and technology department of chinese academy of medical sciences and peking union medical college, expert consultant of leadingpharm, mr. pan xuan, and relevant technicians; leaders of dasan pharmaceutical & shenyang dashan pharmaceutical, chairman liu hengshan, vice chairman mr. liu zhenhao, general manager yan dong, attended the signing ceremony.

president of leadingpharm, mrs. gao shijing and chairman of dasan pharmaceutical, mr. liu hengshan sign on behalf of both parties

enterprises introduction

dasan pharmaceutical co.,ltd,korea

dasan pharmaceuticals and south korea’s dasan pharmaceutical established a pharmaceutical preparation r&d center in china, introduced korean technology to build a powder coating taste masking technology platform and a sustained and controlled-release pellet technology development platform, and developed microcapsules, sustained and controlled-release pellets, and multiple layer tablets and other oral preparation products suitable for children and the elderly. dashan medical takes advantage of the good cooperative relationship with dasan pharmaceutical, actively introduces excellent pharmaceutical products and technologies from korea, europe and the united states, and seeks partners in china to jointly develop the chinese market.


shenyang dasan pharmaceutical technology co., ltd.

shenyang dasan pharmaceutical technology co., ltd. is a high-tech enterprise whose main research direction is the development and industrialization of oral complex preparations. it has invested more than 8 million yuan to build multiple complex preparation development and industrial technology development platforms.

shenyang dashan pharmaceutical technology co., ltd. takes the development of drug delivery system (dds) as its core business, and provides services such as pharmaceutical preparation technology development, prescription process optimization, chemical generic drug quality consistency evaluation, and pharmaceutical product registration for the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical industries.


beijing leadingpharm medical technology

beijing leadingpharm is an enterprise that provides global pharmaceutical enterprises with integrated professional and technical services such as pharmaceutical preclinical research, cro, cdmo services, drug registration, project evaluation, r & d financing and investment management. it has a professional team with over 1000 people and has rich successful experience in pharmaceutical research, clinical research and other drug r & d, registration and application. at the same time, the r & d and production services of innovative drugs are established in lifezhengzhou, forming the leadinghpharm cxo whole industry chain service system to provide customers with diversified services in the whole life cycle of pharmaceutical r & d.

chairman of leadingpharm, tao xinhua made a speech

tao xinhua, chairman of leadingpharm, said that as an enterprise of the top 10 pharmaceutical r & d companies in china, leadingpharm has been taking an open and inclusive attitude, developing the international vision. by this cooperation with the korean enterprise, leadingpharm hopes to open the international journey and practice the corporate vision of " we make china a world-class player in pharmaceutical technology and production process! ". experts and leaders of the field of medicine are specially invited to witness and participate. we hope that all parties will deepen communication, gather strength, realize resource sharing and value complementarity, strengthen the cooperation of industry, university and research, form a pharmaceutical industry cluster and help the development of big health industry.

liu hengshan,chairman of dasan pharmaceutical, made a speech

chairman liu hengshan said that after years of unremitting efforts, dasan has now ranked in the forefront of korean pharmaceutical enterprises. from the production of apis, the sales of preparation intermediates to the sales of finished preparations, dasan has gradually established cooperation with many enterprises in japan, central and south america and other regions. chairman liu has a deep relationship with china. the cooperation with leadingpharm will make up for the shortcomings of dashan. he also believes that leadingpharm will become a solid partner.  happy people create a healthy world,  hoping dasan and leadingpharm can work together to create a healthy china, a healthy korea and a healthy world.

yan dong, general manager of dasan, made a special report on the industrialization technology development of pellet coating


chairman liu hengshan visited leadingpharm’s laboratories

by this strategic cooperation, the two sides will strengthen industrial cooperation, promote resource complementarity, give full play to the rich successful experience of leadingpharm in drug research and development and registration application, advanced coating technology, slow control release micropill technology and rich external resources, and realize the research and production of innovative drugs and improved new drugs. at the same time, it will build a bridge of china-korea cooperation, jointly build a technology platform for high-end preparations and complex preparations, and introduce excellent children's medicines and elderly medicines in korea into china to benefit more chinese people.

the event specially invited many guests to witness this important moment, and fully exchanged and discussed on the introduction of high-end preparations and complex preparation technology and the construction of a technical platform.


list of guests

  • beijing jingzhi pharmaceutical, director of the development department, mr.zhao zongye
  • party secretary of the school of chemistry, beijing normal university, professor lu zhonglin
  • minister of shimadzu (china) innovation center, xiaodong
  • chairman of guizhou liansheng pharmaceutical industry, hongfeng
  • vice president of harbin pharmaceutical group, haisheng
  • general manager of hefei yifan biopharmaceutical, mr.sheng baodong
  • general manager of china resources life science park operation company, shasha
  • vice-general manager china resources life science park operation company, jiang haixia
  • founder of, mr.xiao wenhua
  • ms.sun huan, director of the global business development center of sihuan pharmaceutical
  • co-founder of healthshare, mr.zhang ran
  • deputy director of zhongguancun joint innovation medical engineering transformation center and director of the research and development and transformation service committee of china quality and drug enterprise promotion association, ms.zhu rui
  • ms.lyu donghong, deputy technical director of the pharmaceutical chamber of commerce of the all-china federation of industry and commerce
  • .....