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leadingpharm and china biology signed an agreement of phase-凯发官方

release time:2021-07-28

recently, leadingpharm signed a cooperation agreement with china biology on the phase i clinical research project of "insulin secreting peptide fusion protein injection". the project is developed by lanzhou institute of biological products of china biology. leadingpharm will be responsible for providing phase i clinical research services. the conclusion of this cooperation marks that leadingpharm has officially joined the ranks of clinical cro suppliers of china biology and started the journey of strategic cooperation.

china biology

china biology was found in 1919 and is directly under the leadership of the national health commission. now it is an important member enterprise of china pharmaceutical group, which is an enterprise of the world's top 500. it is a comprehensive biopharmaceutical enterprise in china with a long history, complete products and large scale, integrating scientific research, production, sales and postgraduate training. it has 12 secondary subsidiaries including shanghai institute of biological products, lanzhou institute of biological products and wuhan institute of biological products and 76 subsidiaries below secondary level, with 12551 employees. the company has a rich product line, covering six biological products fields: human vaccine, blood products, medical beauty, animal health care, antibody drugs and medical diagnosis. the annual output of 50 kinds of vaccines for human use can exceed 700 million doses, ranking sixth in the world, providing more than 80% of the vaccines for national immunization planning. listed companies with an annual plasma collection volume of more than 1500 tons are producing 11 kinds of blood products. as the only botulinum toxin manufacturer certified and approved by the government in china, products are highly recognized by the market, providing the society with all-round and high-quality services for animal vaccines and related animal biological products. it has a complete antibody drug industry chain and a large molecular diagnosis industry chain with distinctive characteristics.


leadingpharm (stock code: 600222) was established in 2005. it is a high-tech enterprise providing pharmacy pre-clinical research, clinical cro and cdmo services to the whole world. it has been rated as "china’s top 10 pharmaceutical r&d enterprises "for many years (ranked first in 2019). the company has nearly 1,000 r&d personnel, 80% of whom have a master's degree or above, all from well-known universities at home and abroad, specializing in medicinal chemistry, drug analysis and pharmaceutical preparations. the core r&d personnel have been engaged in the professional research work for many years, have rich experience in the development and production of new drugs, and have a thorough interpretation of registration regulations and guidelines. at present, more than 500 clinical studies have been completed, 50 to 100 be studies and 10 to 20 clinical studies of class i new drugs can be completed every year. based on the rich experience in pharmaceutical r & d and clinical cro of leadingpharm and the cxo integrated service system platform, it can meet the different needs of enterprises and provide good help for the transformation of innovative drugs.based on leadingpharm’s rich experience in pharmaceutical r & d and clinical cro and its cxo integrated service system platform, it can meet the different needs of enterprises and provide good help for the transformation of innovative drugs.

it is reported that "insulin secreting peptide fusion protein injection" is a glp-1 receptor agonist. in vivo, it can promote insulin in islet b cells in a glucose concentration dependent manner by binding with glp-1 receptor and activating the receptor, and reduce the secretion of glucagon in cells, so as to reduce blood glucose and have the effect of safe and effective control of blood samples. compared with insulin, sulfonylurea and other routine drugs, the insulin secreting peptide fusion protein injection is expected to achieve good blood glucose control goal once every 10~15 days, and is more conducive to the treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes.


with the signing of the cooperation agreement between the two sides, the project will officially enter the phase i clinical research stage. the two sides will set up a project team to tackle tough problems and speed up the quality and efficiency of the project, and strive to promote early release of the fusion protein injection of insulin secreting peptide, which will bring more convenient treatment options for diabetics. meanwhile, the two sides will continue to explore more levels of cooperation opportunities, access china's biological innovative drug platform with the cxo whole industry chain service system of leadingpharm, inject new momentum into the r & d and transformation of innovative drugs, and jointly promote the development of china's pharmaceutical industry.