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choose means love! welcome over 200 fresh graduates join leadingpharm!-凯发官方

release time:2021-07-12

on july 12, more than 200 medical graduates joined leadingpharm, injecting fresh blood into the company. the induction ceremony was held simultaneously in the main venue of the clinical sub-venue of the leadingpharm pharmaceutical research institute and the local offices in the form of a combination of online and offline.

main venue of pharmaceutical research institute

clinical branch venue


sub-venue in local offices

read the oath

the participating leaders read out the ctogether with the new staff


message from leaders

as the first appearance of fresh graduates in the company, the orientation meeting was highly valued by the leaders. mr. tao xinhua, the new leading chairman, ms. gao shijing, the president, mr. liu kun, the executive vice president, and many other senior leaders of the company participated in the meeting online and offline, and delivered enthusiastic speeches one after another.

from top to bottom: chairman of leadingpharm, mr.tao xinhua, president of leadingpharm, ms.gao shijing, and executive vice president, mr.liu kun

✦ congratulate everyone on choosing leadingpharm and engaging in the pharmaceutical industry. hope you are down-to-earth and work with the company to realize the corporate vision of ”we make china a world-class player in pharmaceutical technology development and production process!”

✦ the first lesson that fresh graduates need to learn, is to realize the identity change. hope everyone can enhance their sense of ownership, become the leader and promoter in the field of medicine.

✦ the relationship between individuals and enterprises is not a simple employment relationship. everyone is the owner of the enterprise. the enterprise can give individuals the opportunity to show themselves and provide a platform for everyone to develop.

✦ noadays, the society is a cooperative society. success needs the support of the team. joining leadingpharm means that everyone has a trusted team. i hope you can cherish the partners around you, be down-to-earth, follow the trend, and achieve a greater value of life.

✦ choose means love, join leadingpharm is everyone's choice, i hope everyone can take curiosity, deepen the understanding of the company, the industry, work hard in everyone’s respective post, never give up.

✦ we grow up in a great era, gathering together with leadingpharm is the embodiment of the right time, geographical place and people. leadingpharm has quality technology platform, top technical team, original quality system, unique leadingpharm cxo service system and like-minded partners. let us practice the corporate culture, which is "loyalty, thinking, construction, commitment, sharing" , to help china's medicine and health undertakings.

✦ ideal, make the ordinary life extraordinary. leadingpharm did grow up under the light of the ideal. wish everyone can be the ideal builder and trust person together, grow up under the banner of idealism.


mr. zhang ronghuo, the vice president of leadingpharm and the general manager of marine, mr. zhang xiang, the vice president, mr. kang jianlei, the vice president and chief technology officer, ms. yao yunfan, the vice president, mr. yan yaodong, the vice president, and mr. hemanth, the chief scientist, introduced the position, role and mission of leadingpharm in the pharmaceutical industry from different disciplines, positions and dimensions, making a detailed introduction and suggestions on the career development concerned by new employees.

during the event, colorful interactions were held. new employees spoke enthusiastically and asked leaders for advice on their concerns. the graduates deepened their understanding of leadingpharm in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.


company & departments introduction

representatives of various departments of leadingpharm introduced all aspects of the company to help new colleagues understand the company more comprehensively. at the same time, we also arranged training in etiquette and company welfare for new employees.

department representative gave department introduction

warm welcome

leadingpharm began to make orderly preparations for relevant work very early, prepared entry materials and work cards for everyone, distributed dormitories and arrange epidemic prevention supplies. we  also arranged personnel to pick up at the railway station, receive in the community where the dormitory is located, check in for everyone, and go through the entry formalities.


go to the railway station to meet the graduates

training plan

more than 200 new members have entered the workplace from the campus, ushering in an important role change. in the future, leadingpharm will conduct induction training for new colleagues, so that everyone can quickly adapt to workplace. at the same time, leadingpharm also arranged one-on-one instructors for each new colleague to help them get familiar with their work, improve their required skills and better integrate into the company and the team.


group photo of participants at the main venue of pharmaceutical research institute


group photo of participants in clinical sub venue

we believe that the new graduates will be able to write a brilliant chapter in their respective posts, witness and achieve the development of leadingpharm and contribute to the pharmaceutical industry of china.