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good news | leadingpharm cxo heavy progress! small molecule api and preparation cdmo platform has been officially unveiled! -凯发官方

release time:2021-06-19
on june 19th, zhengzhou pairui (small molecule api and preparation cdmo platform) was officially inaugurated by beijing leadingpharm, beijing chempion pharmaceuticals and lifezhengzhou. as an important part of lifezhengzhou-leadingpharm cxo integrated service system, pairui will become an important part of promoting the high-quality development of small molecular preparation industrialization technical services in zhengzhou airport experimental zone.


unveiling ceremony


the unveiling ceremony was presided over by dr. zhong nan, chairman of lifezhengzhou biopharmaceutical park, mr. tao xinhua, chairman of beijing leadingpharm, mr. li guohui, director of drug safety, henan provincial market supervision administration, mr. yang xiaofeng, director of the science and technology talent bureau (industrial service bureau) of the airport experimental zone, and mr. liu jingyuan, chairman of zhengzhou xinggang investment group delivered excellent speeches.

chairman tao xinhua

chairman tao xinhua mentioned that pairui, as a platform for small molecules innovative pharmaceutical research, on one hand, is an integral part of lifezhengzhou-leadingpharm cxo system, the formation of the industrial chain and supply chain closed loop, enabling the development of the pharmaceutical industry. on the other hand, we hope to use pairui small molecular platform, with the help of cxo's closed-loop, facing the whole country and the whole world, making full use of external technology, talent, management and other resources, diverting innovative drug resources to lifezhengzhou, for zhengzhou to complete the "zero" breakthrough of the first type of new drug towards a solid step.

we believe that as a bridge and base for the transformation of new drug innovation, pairui will also bring great economic benefits, become the profit and tax growth board of the lining biopharmaceutical base, promote the development of the industry upstream and downstream, so that more new drugs and technologies land in zhengzhou, become one of the engines of the new forces of central plain biopharmaceuticals.

▲director li guohui

▲director yang xiaofeng

▲ chairman of the board of directors of liu jingyuan


director li guohui, director yang xiaofeng, chairman liu jingyuan said in his speech, small molecule api and preparation cdmo platform is a new leading pharmaceutical in beijing and the core personnel of beijing yuguan composed of specialized team zhengzhou yurui pharmaceutical co., ltd. operation, the team has a wealth of theoretical knowledge, professional practice technology and deep understanding of the industry, will accelerate the transformation of innovation results, all-round empowerment of innovative enterprises to break through the bottleneck of high-speed growth, promote the rapid development of the biopharmaceutical industry.

▲director li guohui (third from left), director yang xiaofeng (second from left), chairman liu jingyuan (fourth from left), chairman tao xinhua (fifth from left) unveiled the cdmo platform for zhengzhou purui pharmaceutical co., ltd. and small molecule api- preparation cdmo

▲congratulatory gifts was presented by representatives of buchang pharmaceuticals and huluwa pharmaceuticals


the ceremony was also attended by leaders and experts such as dr. chen jian, chairman of beijing chempion pharmaceutical, mr. luo jianchao, general manager of henan tailong pharmaceutical, mr. zhang zeshu, consultant of biopharmaceutical industry in zhengzhou airport experimental zone, mr. wang zhiming, director of drug registry of henan provincial market supervision authority, professor du guanhua of beijing concord medical college, and major general zhou xianzhi, executive vice president of chinese research hospital association.

workshop on the theme "the future of small molecule innovations"

after the unveiling ceremony, the theme workshop on "the future of small molecule innovation drugs" was also held, which invited professor du guanhua of peking union medical college and dr. kang jianlei, chief technology officer of beijing leadingpharm to share the theme. nearly a hundred experts and scholars and industry leaders made warm speeches, provided advice for the development of small molecule innovative drugs, discussed the market prospects and development blueprint of small molecule innovative drugs.

▲professor du guanhua gave a keynote speech on the challenges and strategies of small molecule drug development

▲dr. kang jianlei gave a keynote speech on "technical considerations for the development of innovative pharmacy"

field visits



experts and leaders visited zhengzhou yurui pharmaceutical co., ltd. (small molecule api and preparation cdmo platform) and zhengzhou chuangmai biotech co., ltd. (large-molecule pilot and large-scale production service platform), the overall situation and operation mode of the above platform has a full range of understanding, its advanced technology equipment and application systems have an in-depth understanding, high-quality, high-standard platform construction expressed a high degree of affirmation and praise, laid a solid foundation for the later cooperation.

the successful opening ceremony of zhengzhou pairui pharmaceutical co., ltd. (small molecule api and preparation cdmo platform) marked the further improvement of the leadingpharm cxo system. so far, lifezhengzhou- leadingpharm cxo system in the large and small molecule cdmo platform has been fully put into production. in addition, the construction of cell and gene drug cdmo and drug evaluation platform is also in an orderly manner.


zhengzhou pairui pharmaceutical co., ltd
(small molecule api- preparation cdmo platform)

zhengzhou pairui pharmaceutical co., ltd. is an integral part of the lifezhengzhou-leadingpharm cxo system, jointly built by beijing leadingpharm, beijing crown biology and zhengzhou lifezhengzhou biopharmaceutical park, to provide small molecule industrialization and clinical sample preparation-related technical services for national pharmaceutical enterprises.

the platform conforms to the u.s. fda, china nmpa gmp standards, the total construction area of 6651.54 square meters, including three preparation workshops (oral solid preparation workshop, small-capacity injection workshop, oral solution workshop), with supporting power, power center, storage and quality inspection and other institutions or facilities. the platform provides a compliant site for clinical sample production of innovative drugs, commercial production of rare disease drugs, and pilot and commercial production of generic drugs, including tablets, capsules, granules, oral fluids, small-volume injections and other conventional oral and injectable dosage forms.

the project can produce 20 million preparation unit solid preparations, 15 million preparation unit injections, 12 million preparation units oral fluid, 60 pilot projects and 1000 batches of testing, can all-round enabling innovative enterprises to break through the bottleneck of high-speed growth.


leadingpharm cxo system

beijing leadingpharm relies on the existing technical and management team, the integration of lifezhengzhou biopharmaceutical park platform, fully investment, constructed and operated the new drug screening and testing platform, drug evaluation platform (animal room), macromolecule pilot and large-scale production service platform, small molecule cmc preparation research and production platform, cell technical service platform, clinical cro platform" six technical service platform in line with international standards, open up the pharmaceutical research and development upstream and downstream industries. leadingpharm cxo system multi-dimensional all-round energy innovation enterprises to break through bottlenecks and accelerate the development of the pharmaceutical industry.