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deepening exchanges, working hand in hand to win-凯发官方

release time:2021-04-22

on the afternoon of april 22, professor li zhiyu, executive vice-president of the school of pharmacy of china pharmaceutical university, professor ke xue; executive vice-president of the institute of innovative pharmacology (hangzhou), associate professor sun chunmeng; deputy director of the department of pharmacy, associate professor xiao yanyu; associate professor of the department of pharmaceutical chemistry, bian jinlei and other leaders and professors came to leadingpharm to visit and make communication. chairman of leadingpharm, tao xinhua, president gao shijing, cfo kang jianlei, vice president zhang xiang and other leaders warmly welcomed the visiting guests. since the establishment of the joint training base of undergraduate in 2016, the two sides have had many communications. the two sides made in-depth discussion by this visit and communication, for the latter stage of the two sides in strengthening cooperation, deep the integration of production, education and research is of guiding significance.


guests visited r & d laboratory of leadingpharm.




at the exchange meeting, tao xinhua, the chairman of leadingpharm, first delivered a speech and warmly welcomed the arrival of experts from china pharmaceutical university. tao said that there were many graduates of china pharmaceutical university, they had inherited the style of the school, shared the school's experience, worked hard in the company's management and academic level. chairman tao paid his respects to them, as well as leaders and experts in the field of pharmaceutical research and development. since its founding, leadingpharm has always practiced the enterprise vision of "we make china world-class in pharmaceutical technology and production process", hoping to speed up the process of cooperation of industry, university and research between leadingpharm and china pharmaceutical university, and make china's pharmaceutical industry a world-leading cause.

as an excellent alumni of china pharmaceutical university, gao shijing, the president of leadingpharm, expressed her gratitude to the university for sending talents to leadingpharm. she mentioned that leadingpharm will continue to lead graduates to achieve personal dreams and realize the value of life. president gao said that leadingpharm’s corporate vision and the love and pursuit of medicine created today's leading results together, hope the university can provide more outstanding talents. at the same time, leadingpharm hope to create better corporation of industry, education and research,  combine the scientific research achievements of china pharmaceutical university with the  innovation and technical strength of leadingpharm to achieve win-win development.


li zhiyu, executive vice president of the school of pharmacy of china pharmaceutical university, then made a speech. he expressed concern and condolences to the trainee working in leadingpharm. at the same time, he respect leadingpharm's high sense of responsibility to the country and nation, and look forward to the future of leadingpharm. he  hoped to conduct in-depth and extensive exchanges with leadingpharm, give full play to their respective advantages in resources, talent and industrialization, and promote the development of both sides. at the same time, work together to create a joint talent training platform with higher quality to enable enterprises, universities and the pharmaceutical industry to develop. in addition, he express the expect to the intern students in leadingpharm, hope they can live up to the school, meet the expectation of the platform.


the meeting was also attended by a number of excellent senior executives from china pharmaceutical university and intern representatives working in leadingpharm. executive representatives felt very kind to the arrival of leaders of china pharmaceutical university, expressed the gratitude for the training of the university, and hoped to strengthen communication with the team of experts, and also hope that more students can join leadingpharm to improve and develop together. intern representatives are moved by the care of the college leaders, said they will live up to the college training, strive to improve themselves.

subsequently, the participants reported around the platform and projects. we hope to take this exchange as an opportunity to strengthen cooperation and promote development in pharmaceutical excipients, impurity preparation, process development and improvement.


with the rapid development of leadingpharm in industrial layout, technology level and r & d hardware, and the great changes in advanced scientific research and talent training of china pharmaceutical university, this communication and exchange will be a new starting point for the cooperation between the two sides. in the new historical stage, hope the two sides can speed up the integration of industry, university and research through closer and diversified cooperation. leadingpharm will join hands with china pharmaceutical university to give full play to their respective advantages to create a win-win cooperation, contributing greater strength to the development of china's pharmaceutical industry and helping the development of the pharmaceutical and health industry.