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leadingpharm established strategic partnership with neotrident to create an industry benchmark together for intelligent change-凯发官方

release time:2021-04-16

on april 16, the new leadingpharm formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with neotrident. the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages, help leadingpharm to promote and implement the data-driven intelligent cxo strategy and build pharmaceutical r & d service field intelligent change benchmarking enterprise.


during the signing ceremony, tao xinhua, chairman of leadingpharm, said that the cooperation is based on the trust of both sides. he hoped the cooperation can promote the overall upgrading of the management of leadingpharm, improve the level of digitization and intelligence, enhance the core competitiveness of the company, and help leadingpharm’s r & d and management to a new level. in addition, leadingpharm is making the layout of the cxo industry nationally, we hope both sides can work hand in hand to create china's pharmaceutical industry intelligent 4.0 era in the future.


cao lingxiao, ceo of neotrident, said that neotrident will not forget the original ideals and aspirations. keep "help enterprises improve management capabilities, optimize management processes, reduce r & d costs" as its purpose, promote the full implementation of leadingpharm’s intelligent cxo strategy. at the same time, we hope to explore more digital models suitable for pharmaceutical research and development based on digital tools, and jointly promote the digital process of pharmaceutical research and development.


ms. gao shijing, president of leadingpharm, and mr. cao lingxiao , ceo of neotrident, represented the two sides to sign a strategic contract.


feng hua, cto of neotrident, made a thematic sharing entitled r & d integrated solutions for informatization.

ms. lu donghong, technical deputy director of the all-china federation of industry and commerce medical chamber of commerce, attended the meeting as the special guest, lamented that as excellent members of the r & d and service branch of the medical chamber of commerce, leadingpharm and neotrident have cooperated sincerely. jointly provide more quality services for upstream and downstream customer enterprises.

by this strategic cooperation, the two sides will jointly create a ai cxo business model to lead the industry, establish data assets and model assets of leadingpharm, and improve r & d efficiency. by close cooperation, provide customers with project incubation platform or comprehensive services from theoretical design, model prediction to experimental verification, and promote the development of china's pharmaceutical and health industry.

the meeting was also attended by president of leadingpharm, gao shijing; president assistant, yan yaodong; president assistant, director of technical committee and data security department, liu xin;coo of neotrident, zhao jianjun; cto, feng hua; major customer director, zhu guangbi; sales director, zhang zhongren and so on.