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leadingpharm invested 30 million to improve the layout of the cxo industry chain-凯发官方

release time:2021-04-12

taloph pharmaceutical co., ltd. issued an announcement, zhengzhou marine biopharmaceutical technology co., ltd., a subsidiary of beijing leadingpharm pharmaceutical technology development co., ltd., intends to increase its capital by 30 million yuan to zhengzhou transmed biotechnology co., ltd., which is engaged in biomedical cdmo business. invest around the realization of cxo entire industry chain of drug r & d services .


in recent years, leadingpharm has rapidly layout in the cxo field, set up the new drug screening and detection platform, drug evaluation platform (animal room, glp、aaalac、cnas certification), macromolecular pilot-scale and mass production service platform, small molecular cmc preparation research and production platform, cell technology service platform and clinical cro platform and other research and development platforms compliance with international standards(fda、ema and nmpa gmp standards) , set up a high - level joint laboratory with a technical team of sophisticated r & d personnel and some key technologies have reached the leading level of domestic industry.


marine is a holding subsidiary of leadingpharm. in 2020, it moved from beijing to lifezhengzhou, built a clinical cro service platform together with lifezhengzhou, and realized industrial upgrading.


cdmo( pharmaceutical contract customized r & d production enterprises)  is in the downstream of the pharmaceutical outsourcing service industry chain, focusing on production,  mutually penetrating and extending with cro, can improve r & d efficiency, enhance customer stickiness. nowadays, the global cdmo market is increasing rapidly, domestic mature cdmo enterprises are relatively scarce, and the cdmo enterprises with core technology advantages will stand out in the market competition.

transmed biotechnology is a biopharmaceutical cdmo company founded in 2019, operating and managing the first macromolecular cdmo service platform in henan province that meets the fda standard of united states and the nmpa、cgmp standards of china. taking advantage of its technological advantages and capacity, providing customers biological macromolecular drug process development and preparation, process optimization, amplification, registration and verification, batch production and commercial production and other full process services with international standards. with its professional r & d, production, management team, core technology of biological drug discovery, development, manufacturing, testing methods and other core technologies, set up a mature and perfect operation management system,establish strategic cooperation, signed service contracts with gmax biopharm,gensince, zhongze biological.more than 80 million yuan orders in hand. sales revenue of 28.19 million yuan from october to december 2020, expected to become a national integrated cdmo service platform.


the purpose of this investment is to further improve the layout of the cxo industry chain by equity investments, create a one-stop service platform for customers, quickly enhance the strength of comprehensive r & d, and enhance the core competitiveness of the company in the field of drug r & d services, which is in line with the company's strategic development direction.