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cooperation and development | the annual summary meeting of strategic cooperation between leadingpharm and healthshare was carried out smoothly-凯发官方

release time:2021-04-06

on april 6th, 2021, the annual summary meeting of strategic cooperation between leadingpharm and healthshare was successfully held. the two sides reviewed and summarized their work in the past year, and made plans and prospects for expanding cooperation in the second year. leadingpharm’s chairman, tao xinhua, president gao shijing, president assistant and director of the integrated information department and the general management department, liu fang, manager of the planning department, wang xin, vice president of harbin pharmaceutical group, founder of healthshare, wang haisheng, and co-founders of healthshare zhang ran and yang yang attended the meeting.


in the past year, the two sides have conducted dozens of communications, cooperated in preparation platform analysis, single project analysis, database sharing and other aspects, conducted in-depth and comprehensive information research and analysis, conducted feasibility evaluation according to the enterprise situation, jointly discussed development strategies, and achieved phased results.

healthshare has a professional research and analysis team,leadingpharm has the layout of the whole industrial chain. in the future, both parties will analyze and predict the development trend of the industry based on strategic thinking, start from the early stage of innovation, take the platform of healthshare as the forerunner, do a good job in top-level design, guide capital and cxo to intervene, and establish strategic alliance to realize the closed loop from technology to registration feasibility, to production transformation and clinical application, and create a model of industry innovation mode. at the same time, the two sides will cooperate in many aspects, such as business bd, personalized customization, seminar salon, academic conference, etc. make use of the advantages of both sides, carry out sustained and stable exchanges and cooperation, and achieve win-win results.

this meeting is not only a summary meeting, but also points out the direction for the later development of both sides. finally, congratulations on the first anniversary of the strategic cooperation between leadingpharm and healthshare. we believe that through in-depth cooperation between the two parties, high-quality development will be realized, which will fully help the development of china's pharmaceutical industry and contribute to the realization of the dream of health china.


after the meeting, gave a special training on the development and opportunities of nucleic acid (mrna) drugs.