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leaders of beijing normal university and experts of shanghai haoyuan medical visited and communicated with leadingpharm-凯发官方

release time:2021-03-20

in the morning of march 19th, professor lu zhonglin, party secretary of school of chemistry, beijing normal university, professor yang qingzheng, vice president, mr,zheng baofu, chairman and general manager of shanghai haoyuan pharmaceutical, peng lijun, chief operating officer, and other experts and leaders visited leadingpharm. mr,tao xinhua, chairman of leadingpharm, ms,gao shijing, president, ms,dong ying, vice president, and other leaders gave warm reception and conducted in-depth exchanges. pan xuan, a medical expert of leadingpharm consultant in beijing and former director of the science and technology department of peking union medical college, chinese academy of medical sciences, also attended the event.


first, guests visited the r&d laboratories of leadingpharm in batches.


at the subsequent symposium, tao xinhua, chairman of leadingpharm,  delivered a speech and extended a warm welcome to the experts and leaders. mr,tao said that the chemistry major of beijing normal university has been among the best in the whole country, and shanghai haoyuan pharmaceutical has achieved the world's forefront in the synthesis and development of apis, leadingpharm has advantages in supporting the whole industrial chain and transforming achievements. the three units have their own characteristics, their business fields are perfectly compatible. he hopes that they can give full play to their respective advantages, strengthen the exchanges between production, education and research, and jointly help the development of china's pharmaceutical industry. the three parties introduce business and display scientific research results to enhance mutual trust and understanding. the three parties introduce business and display scientific research results to enhance mutual trust and understanding.


secretary lu zhonglin spoke later, saying that the meeting was fruitful. through in-depth communication, it was found that many aspects of leadingpharm and haoyuan medicine were worth learning from, many opportunities and directions for cooperation were explored. the follow-up meeting will promote multi-party cooperation as soon as possible to achieve common progress.


mr,zheng baofu, ced of haoyuan medicine, said that by today's visit and exchange activities, he was shocked to feel that leadingpharm, as an old cro company, was so full of vigor and vitality. we look forward to working with leadingpharm and beijing normal university at an early date to deepen cooperation in technology and ideas, and to create a new spark and achieve a win-win situation.


the meeting ended successfully in a harmonious and warm atmosphere. through this exchange, leadingpharm, beijing normal university and shanghai haoyuan medicine further deepened their mutual understanding, which laid a solid foundation for further exerting their respective advantages and promoting the in-depth cooperation of production, education and research among the three parties.