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beijing leadingpharm established strategic cooperative relationship with china research hospital society, work together to promote the healthy china strategy! -凯发官方

release time:2021-03-16

on march 15th, beijing leadingpharm and china research hospital society held a signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation.both sides will give full play to their respective advantages, jointly carry out diversified and multi-level cooperation, explore the innovative model of china's research hospitals, promote the strategy of "medicine, medical research and medical treatment", and make due contributions to promoting the healthy china strategy and realizing the great chinese dream.



gao shijing, president of leadingpharm, and zhou xianzhi, executive vice president of china research hospital society signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.


at the meeting, leaders such as the standing committee of the 13th national committee of the chinese people's political consultative conference, the former deputy director of the state administration of market supervision, ma zhengqi, and the president of china research hospital society he zhenxi made important speeches respectively, and agreed that the cooperation between leadingpharm and china research hospital society will be a strong alliance, which will help both sides  explore the development path of health industry foundation and clinic, medicine and pharmacy, medicine and engineering, hospital and enterprise, industry and society, and realize the effective integration of core resources as soon as possible.


tao xinhua, chairman of leadingpharm, said that since the establishment of leadingpharm, "it's me, keeping china's new drug technology and production technology in sync with the world" has always been the corporate vision, and the chinese research hospital society has always been aiming at exploring and building research hospitals.leadingpharm wants to take this strategic cooperation as an opportunity,  work together with the chinese research hospital society to promote the development of the big health industry, better meet the growing health needs of the people, and help realize the dream of "being a healthy and powerful country"!


mr,gao yuwen, full-time director of china general technology group and executive director of china research hospital society, said that leadingpharm and china research hospital society are the best in the industry, and the cooperation between the two sides is a milestone. he believes that in the future, both sides will be able to lead not only in variety innovation, but also in the innovation of r&d system and mechanism in pharmaceutical industry.

dr,yang huan (former senior reviewer of cde) said that the cooperation between leadingpharm and china research hospital society is an innovation in research and development mechanism, which will greatly promote the transformation of basic research and the development of the industry.


the ceremony was presided over by dr, zhong nan, director of leadingpharm and chairman of lifezhengzhou.


strong alliance to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in medicine


china research hospital society is a national first-level society approved and officially registered by the ministry of civil affairs,it has 135 secondary institutions (branches and professional committees) and more than 20,000 expert is dedicated to the theoretical research and practical exploration of research hospitals with chinese characteristics, promoting the integration of clinical and scientific research, accelerating the transformation of medical scientific and technological achievements, promoting the continuous emergence of compound medical talents, promoting the comprehensive innovation of hospital development models, helping healthy china's actions and promoting the development of human medicine.


beijing leadingpharm (stock code: 600222), established in 2005, is a high-tech enterprise providing preclinical pharmaceutical research, clinical cro and cdmo services to the world, and has been rated as "top 10 chinese pharmaceutical r&d companies (ranked first in 2019)" for many years. the company is headquartered in zhongguancun high-tech park in the same time, it has established six r&d platforms in line with international standards (fda, ema and nmpa gmp standards), such as new drug screening and testing platform, drug evaluation platform (animal room, glp, aaalac, cnas certification), macromolecular pilot test and large-scale production service platform, small molecule cmc preparation research and production platform, cell technology service platform and clinical cro platform, forming a "leadingpharm cxo". combination of imitation and creation, driven by dual engines, can provide customers with diversified services in the whole life cycle of pharmaceutical research and development.


in the future, the two sides will focus on the circular cooperation of "medicine, medical research and medical treatment", give full play to their respective advantages, deepen cooperation in the establishment of research hospitals, medical innovation, achievement transformation, high-level personnel training and academic exchanges, and promote the transformation of innovative drug research and development achievements.


also present at the meeting were liu xihua, vice president of china research hospital society, li fang, deputy director of foreign cooperation department, liu kun, executive vice president of beijing leadingpharm, dong ying, assistant president yan yaodong, and special guest director zhu rui (deputy director of zhongguancun lianchuang medical engineering transformation center).