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release time:2021-02-07


time passes and years change

unconsciously, it is almost the spring festival in 2021

looking back on the past year

we have experienced too many variables and challenges

we have gained so much laughter and tears

let's review the 2020 of leadingpharm

by looking through the top ten keywords

every epidemic prevention worker of leadingpharm sticks to his or her post,  without being afraid of the virus, and moves forward firmly.

members of leadingpharm always adheres to the concept of "being responsible for our customers", goes all out, overcomes difficulties, improve the quality of the projects, and keeps an eye on time nodes, to ensure the high-quality completion of all projects in 2020 .

responsing to the changes in the industry, leadingpharm has accumulated a lot and has created a unique model, which is cxo integrated service model, providing the whole industry chain service from preclinical study of drug research, clinical cro to the creation and production of cdmo.


on september 26th, the "second zhengzhou international biomedical development summit forum" was held to create a new biomedical force in the central plains.

leadingpharm has completed rmb 130 million in financing, and the valuation has been over rmb 1 billion. the completion of this transaction marks that the layout of the leadingpharm cxo has been fully launched, and it will become the first company, in the real sense, with a whole industry chain and comprehensive solutions.

in 2019, the most influential list of china's pharmaceutical industry was released,as the largest cro company with a whole industry chain in china, leadingpharm won the first place in china's pharmaceutical r&d company in 2019!

beijing leadingpharm medical technology development co., ltd,was recognized as "beijing intellectual property pilot unit" by beijing intellectual property office. this certification is another honorary qualification related to intellectual property after leadingpharm has successfully passed the certification of intellectual property management system in 2019 .

in december,  collaborative innovation platform for pharmaceutical r&d of leadingpharm, which is based on internal and external bridging technology was formally incorporated into the "collaborative innovation platform system for high-tech industries in zhongguancun demonstration zone".

leadingpharm has established strategic cooperation with yaofenxiang technology (beijing) co., ltd, establish mutual assistance, especially in the field of generic drugs to achieve high-quality development and make contributions the pharmaceutical industry and the pharmaceutical industry of china.

leadingpharm has established strategic cooperation relationship with school of chemistry and chemical engineering of beijing institute of technology to jointly promote the cooperation of production, education and research.

leadingpharm has established strategic cooperation relationship with shenzhen puruijin bio-pharmaceutical co., ltd to jointly create the first person in clinical research of cell and gene therapy drugs.


leadingpahrm cooperates strategically with shimadzu china innovation center, builds 3d tandem mass spectrometry, innovates the research method development of antibiotic polymers, and builds a database.

leadingpharm cooperated with china food and drug industries quality and safety promotion association and various enterprises to set up r&d and transformation service professional committee.

leadingpharm and bio-university, together with many enterprises, achieve cross-border integration in different fields, continue to expand and improve cxo system, and make contribution for the pharmaceutical industry of china.

two teams, 10 fighters successfully completed the 147-kilometer man-car relay race with tenacious perseverance, team spirit of sincere cooperation and goal consciousness of mission, and wrote a new chapter of "crossing the mountain to the sea".

in october, beijing leadingpharm held the largest fitness activity in the company's history. 300 athletes enjoy the beauty of autumn and the happiness of sports.


minister wang yumin and chairman tao xinhua called on everyone to actively participate in the red ribbon business, jointly make donation to red ribbon school, and wrote down the words "great love without borders" and "wide marriage" respectively.

since the first donation of rmb 1 million to the red ribbon sunshine student aid project in 2017, the love transmission between leadingpharm and the red ribbon school has never stopped. at the beginning of this year, under the leadership and the call of the leaders of the president's office, leadingpharm launched a fund-raising activity , which propped up a clear sky for the children studying in the red ribbon school.

in order to put down the important instructions of chairman xi jinping, leadingpharm issued a proposal, calling all employees to carry out contribution activitiess for poverty alleviation in gannan area.

i love you, china, and wish you prosperity, march into the socialist modernization power, and achieve the chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of our nation.

we should accept life in the same way, and smile bravely, boldly and forever.

every step of the declaration of nearly 50 projects throughout the year is strictly controlled, showing the speed of leadingpharm.


down-to-earth, striving to create a better life, lifelong exploration, just to make china's new drug technology and production technology keep pace with the world.

be stationed in the first-line of clinical research in hospitals and be responsible for each experimental data.

all the past

all are preface chapters

thank you for your concern and support for leadingpharm all the time

let's join hands again in 2021!