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celebrate the spring festival locally! series of warm-凯发官方

release time:2021-02-08

spring festival has a special meaning to every chinese. it is not only a holiday, but also a symbolism and inheritance of culture. spring festival is an unforgettable firework, a reunion of people who are looking forward to return to hometown, a hometown dish and a touch of chinese red.

this year, under the background of strictly controlling the covid-19, many places advocated "celebrating the spring festival locally". a family is the smallest country, countries are made up of thousands of families. hundreds of employees of leadingpharm actively responded to the call of our country and stay at the residence to celebrate the spring festival.

have an interview with local employees for the new year

a colleague who joined the company last summer told us that he hadn't been home for half a year after working. he wanted to go home this spring festival, but he had to make several stops on his way home and pass through high-risk areas, so he was a little worried. just as our country was advocating "celebrating the new year locally", and after comprehensive consideration, he chose to stay in beijing.

another colleague who has got married said that his child studied in their hometown, and if he go back, he was afraid of catching viruses on the way, which will affect his child’s studies. although he wanted to go home very much, he chose to spend the vacation locally for the health of his family.

in order to enrich the cultural life of the masses during the spring festival, do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation during the spring festival and let employees who celebrate the festival locally have a warm and fulfilling spring festival, leadingpharm has launched a series of warm-hearted measures, striving to create a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere.

adequate food, adequate money, leadingpharm distributes new year greeting cards and shopping cards which worth 500 yuan to every employee who is unaccompanied by relatives and friends during the festival in beijing.



in order to help the employees to go home for the vacation, leadingpharm made an appointment for the home service of nucleic acid testing. by organizing collective testing, employees did not need to queue up in the hospital.


in addition, on the premise of strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures, each department has organized spring festival galas and tea parties to let everyone experience the atmosphere of the spring festival.


celebrating the spring festival locally is brilliant as well. in order to enrich employees' holiday life, leadingpharm launched an activity to collect short videos. cook a hometown dish, read a book, learn a new skill, we encouraged resident employees to enrich their lives during the holiday.

besides, leadingpharm also provides the resident employees with optional holidays, which means that they can choose the spring festival holidays ranging from 7 days to 12 days according to their personal wishes, try to meet the needs of different groups of people as much as possible. at the same time, the inspection and deployment work during the spring festival was done to prevent and eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazards, and emergency plans were made for resuming work after the vacation to ensure the safety of every employee and ensure that all projects can be carried out smoothly and on time.

celebrate the spring festival locally, warmth is always around !


special thanks: i would like to thank my colleagues for their understanding and support of the initiative of celebrating the spring festival locally. at the same time, i would like to thank the human resources department, the purchasing department and other departments for their series of warm-hearted initiatives, so that each of us can truly feel the warmth and care of the family of leadingpharm!