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new year message | send away the extraordinary 2020 and welcome the new hopeful 2021!-凯发官方

release time:2021-01-01

new year message

dear members of leadingpharm:

       hello everyone!


      at this moment, after recording two new year videos of the company and the chamber of commerce of pharmaceutical industry of all-china federation of industry and commerce, i sat down, the weather was fine, i could see the western hills, the wind stopped, my heart was calm, the struggle track in 2020 was highlighted, and the goal of the new year was shining.

   the memory labels in 2020 of people all around the world are masks, nucleic acid detection, respirators and vaccines. in addition to these,members of leadingpharm have our own memories: we have achieved the goal of zero infection for all members of  leadingpharm and their families, and the goal of no one falling behind;we complied with the requirements of resuming epidemic prevention and completed the work of resuming epidemic prevention with high quality to ensure the progress and quality of the project;we developed and innovated the cxo model, took the lead  in the industry in completing the closed loop of the industrial chain and drive the external circulation with the internal circulation;we walked from zhongke industrial park to software park, miyun industrial base and zhengzhou airport industrial park; our clinical services moved from be to the first, second and third stages of innovative drugs, covering all categories such as cancer, immunity and cardiovascular, and finally advanced to the field of cell gene therapy;in response to the call of the state, we actively integrated the company and individuals into the national strategy and contribute to "poverty alleviation" and "innovation" together;we reflected the "big self" and "great love" of the decent members of leadingpharm, and we have realized the strategic plan of the first year of leadingpharm’s "fourth five-year plan".as members of leadingpharm, we are proud of it!

      in 2021, we will take the cxo comprehensive solution to the west and to the south;in 2021, we will cooperate with the national strategy, lead the development of high-end technology in the great cause of consistency evaluation, build eight high-end preparation platforms, and fully embody the honor and responsibility of the zhongguancun demonstration park high-tech industry collaborative innovation platform; in 2021, we will launch a pioneering cooperation model between central enterprises and private enterprises; in 2021, we will work hard to promote the creation of "research hospitals in china", fill the gap in china, and promote the three medical cycle of "medicine, medical treatment and medical research";in 2021, it will be an era when  leadingpharm actively integrate into the whole pharmaceutical industry chain, and it is the strategic starting point of promoting the three medical cycle across industries.


       2021 has arrived, and i have seen the first ray of sunshine shining on the earth. all members of leadingpharm, we are grateful to send away the extraordinary 2020, and we welcome the new hope of 2021 together!


      happy new year to all members of leadingpharm and their families!



chairman of leadingpharma medicine


january 1, 2021