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cxo has a deep "long tail" blue ocean. build the new leading ambition of the three medical cycles-凯发官方

release time:2021-01-09


on january 8, 2021, standing at the starting point of the new year, on the eve of the 16th birthday of leadingpharm, beijing leadingpharm held the q1 2021 quarterly work conference.the theme of this conference is "cxo has a deep ‘long tail’ blue ocean. build the new leading ambition of the three medical cycles". the meeting was held in the form of a combination of online and offline, with zhongke industrial park as the main venue. at the same time, set a sub-venue at hexie, as well as sub-venues  in changsha, hangzhou, wuhan, shenyang, etc. the meeting summarized the performance of q4 in 2020, and make strategic planning and deployment for the overall development direction of the company in 2021.


theme analysis

cxo has a deep "long tail" blue ocean. build the new leading ambition of the three medical cycles


cxo, a brand-new track, is a super track that has been upgraded from the single service of cro to a platform service. it is also a super track, which has built a closed loop of the ecological circle and produced internal circulation. in the era of digital economy, the winner of the platform will gain the world. in the platform economy, the bigger the platform, the more innovations emerge and the greater the stickiness. at the same time, the bigger the platform, the stronger the ability of self-improvement, evolution and repair. it can also form an internal loop, advancing at the speed of nuclear fission.


in 2020, leadingpharm officially completed the energy transition and entered a brand-new closed-loop biosphere platform with third-party services in the whole industry chain.we are no longer entangled in imitation or innovation. we redefine our development direction from a new perspective of platform economy, which is cxo ecosystem platform services.


the "long tail effect" is model, which appears quietly in the post-industrial era and the age of internet economy, and has become the blue economic it means that the future of business and culture is not in the hot products, not in the head of traditional demand, but in the endless tail in the demand curve.the root of the "long tail effect" is to emphasize "individuation", "customer power" and "small profit and big market", and the market segmentation brings obvious "long tail" effect.

currently, the technology market conforms to the obvious characteristics of the "long tail effect". the mainstream market, mainstream customers, mainstream technology and first-class innovation are the head of the demand curve. however, due to the crowded track, it has become 20% of the head red sea in the 80/20 rule, and 80% of a large number of blue ocean demand appears at the tail.

consistency evaluation and centralized acquisition have subdivided the demand, which is gradually clear and released along with the regulatory the same time, for enterprises, technical services have become the demand for technical units, such as services of registration of ind, package compatibility services, impurity synthesis services, screening of high-throughput compounds, optimization of lead compounds, establishment of animal disease models, safety evaluation, cmo services, and even project establishment services, investment and financing services, etc.these services can be obtained with a relatively low cost, and combined with their own technology, they can reach the destination quickly and accurately.

in 2021, our platform will continue to grow and improve. with its strong inclusiveness and openness, it will continue to accept integrated resources, improve the systematicness of service output for a long time, and allow more customers to import from market segments. we will design the industrial chain and the closed loop of "supply chain" according to the "open source" model, and blow the clarion call to enter the "long tail" blue ocean.

at the same time, leadingpharm will build a new closed loop in the field of clinical research.based on the cro team in marine, we started from the incubation of clinical phase i project, combined with research hospitals, introduced the resources of doctors' group to form a grand plan of the cycle from medicine to medical research to medical treatment!

promotion ceremony

as a management-oriented high-tech company, as the whampoa military academy in this industry, leadingpharm has always attached great importance to the cultivation of present, the company has 148 managers above the supervisor level, accounting for about one seventh of the total number of employees. in q4 of 2020, 15 managers were promoted. the president of leadingpharm ,gao shijing, executive vice president, liu kun and vice president, zhang ronghuo jointly issued letters of appointment to the promoted personnel and read out the promotion oath together.



leading public welfare

caring for aids patients, contribute love.

"we should not only research and develop good medicine, but also be good people. we love each other without borders, and make a good relationship." for a long time, leadingpharm has always closely linked the development of the company with social responsibility, giving back to the society with practical actions.under the advocacy of major general wang yumin, chairman of the china std/aids prevention foundation, as well as the former deputy minister of the ministry of health of the general logistics department of the people's liberation army, leadingpharm has been paying attention to the growth of the students of the red ribbon school in linfen, shanxi province. the action of love has never stopped.


on this important occasion of the opening of the annual quarterly meeting, we once again organized a charity donation activity. everyone took out their mobile phones to scan the code and donated money, raising nearly 50,000 yuan on the spot.



this quarterly meeting carries forward the past and forge ahead into the future, it is also solidarity and pragmatism. this meeting will definitely have a positive and far-reaching impact on the new historical development stage of leadingpharm, not only for the present, but also for the long term. “cxo has a deep ‘long tail’ blue ocean. build the new leading ambition of the three medical cycles” will serve as the target guide for leadingpharm for a long time in the future , which marking that the development of the company will enter a brand-new era again!finally, wish leadingpharm a happy 16th birthday again!