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release time:2020-12-31

at the foot of the gaolan mountain

on the bank of the huangpu river

alumni of lanzhou university got together again

talking about the prosperity of pharmaceutical industry together


on december 15th, the 2020 annual meeting of lanzhou pharmaceutical industry alumni association was held  grandly in shanghai. mr. tao xinhua, the chairman of beijing leadingpharm pharmaceutical technology, delivered a speech as the president of the alumni association and made a special report, introducing the "leadingpharm cxo ecosphere" to all alumni, which aroused heated discussion and positive response.




it is noteworthy that the "leadingpharm cxo ecosphere" has a new extension. mr. tao said that with the development of consistency evaluation and centralized purchasing, the r&d needs of enterprises are more unitized and fragmented, and the "long tail effect" appears. mainstream market, mainstream customers, mainstream technology and first-class innovation are the heads of the demand curve, but due to the crowded track, they become the heads (20%) of the "28" theory.for example, registration of ind services, package compatibility services, impurity synthesis services, high-throughput compound screening, optimization of lead compounds, establishment of animal disease models, safety evaluation, cmo services, even project establishment services, investment and financing services, etc., which are low in cost and can be quickly combined with their own technologies, become the blue ocean, which is the tail (80%) of the “28” theory .


because of this, it brings blue ocean to cxo!


as a platform service, "cxo ecosphere" needs to grow and improve, and finally forms an open platform, which can continuously accept integrated resources, permanently improve the systematicness of service output, and allow more customers with market segmentation needs to join,  form the "long tail" of the blue ocean.

at this point, the leadingpharm cxo system has completed the platform construction and officially entered the stage of "open source" construction, sounding the clarion call to deal with the "long tail"!