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good news: beijing leadingpharm medicine technology development co.,ltd. was recognized as a pilot unit of intellectual property rights in beijing-凯发官方

release time:2020-11-19


on september 30, 2020, beijing leadingpharm medicine technology development co.,ltd. was recognized as "beijing intellectual property pilot unit" by beijing intellectual property office.this certification is another honorary qualification related to intellectual property that leadingpharm has won after successfully passing the intellectual property management system certification in 2019. this is not only the affirmation of beijing's intellectual property authorities on the new leader's strong r&d capability and intellectual property strategic planning, but also the profound accumulation of leadingpharm’s intellectual property rights and patented technologies, which has further established leadingpharm’s leading position in the field of pharmaceutical r&d technical services.


since its establishment, beijing leadingpharm has been adhering to the corporate vision of  "it's me that keeps china's new drug technology and production process in step with the world".based on the field of pharmaceutical r&d services, leadingpharm is a high-tech enterprise that provides preclinical pharmaceutical research, clinical cro and cdmo services to the world.the company has always attached great importance to the research and development and protection of intellectual property rights, invested huge manpower and financial resources, continuously strengthened innovation, and actively promoted the transformation of intellectual property achievements, transforming the advantages of intellectual property rights into the advantages of innovative development and enterprise management.

it is understood that the identified intellectual property pilot demonstration units will take the priority of various intellectual property special financial support such as patent grants, patent commercialization, early warning and emergency assistance of overseas intellectual property; those who meet the conditions are given priority to recommend applying for various national intellectual property projects and awards. in addition, the main personnel responsible for the intellectual property work of the pilot demonstration unit of intellectual property rights, who meet the conditions, are given priority to be selected into the city’s intellectual property expert database, and are given priority to be recommended to participate in various national and city’s intellectual property system talent training programs.


this is an era of knowledge economy. in this era, intellectual property has become an objective reflection of technological innovation of enterprises and an important bargaining chip of enterprises in the industry is believed that with the coronation of "beijing intellectual property pilot unit", leadingpharm will usher in another milestone development.