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the 2nd zhengzhou international biomedical development summit forum was grandly opened. mr. tao xinhua, the new leading chairman, was surprised to interpret the new leading cxo ecosystem! -凯发官方

release time:2020-09-28

on september 26th, the "second zhengzhou international biomedical development summit forum", co-sponsored by beijing new leader, was grandly opened in zhengzhou airport biomedical park. he wei, vice chairman of the national committee of the chinese people's political consultative conference and executive vice chairman of the central committee of the agricultural workers' party, delivered a video report. more than 500 experts and scholars from scientific research institutions, enterprises and government supervision departments at home and abroad, including chen kaixian, academician of chinese academy of sciences, and zhang gaiping, academician of chinese academy of engineering, were invited to attend the meeting. anagement committee, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.


at the meeting, dr. the airport-new leading cxo (whole industry chain service outsourcing) integrated service system (hereinafter referred to as the airport-new leading cxo system) has become a highlight in this report. tao xinhua, chairman of beijing new leading pharmaceutical technology development co., ltd., delivered a special report entitled "building a new ecology for biomedical development in central plains".


mr. according to mr. tao, the cxo system in the current sense is already in a trillion-dollar rmb market, with a large market space. at the same time, it can cover the industrial chain relatively comprehensively and provide perfect services for third parties. however, it is difficult to form full coverage of the industrial chain based on a single company model, especially the lack of coverage of the supply chain. representative enterprises include covens, ppd, wuxi pharmatech, kanglong huacheng, etc.

the lingkong new leading cxo system is a breakthrough and improvement of the current cxo system. secondly, cxo system is a closed-loop service system composed of pharmaceutical r&d industry chain and supply chain, which can form internal circulation, promote the orderly and independent evolution of upstream and downstream industry chain, produce nuclear fission, explosively promote industry upgrading, greatly improve production efficiency and save social resources.  two-dimensional map. x is a variable and a symbol of multi-elements, which is similar to the meaning of the word "mi" in buddhism. lingkong new leading cxo system is an all-encompassing ecological system, which consists of medical research and development, clinical research, and so on.

mr. in the future, the new leader will export the cxo model in the qualified parks across the country, copy the new leading cxo model, and establish a cxo system in a universal sense; cxo database will be set up for the whole world, which will provide a matching service model for any idea in the world and help the transformation. point, relying on the park's infrastructure and government policies, integrating capital, technology, management and other resources, and using the "confederation system" model to attract outstanding enterprises to establish joint ventures along the industrial chain direction, and can rely on the industrial chain to form cooperative partnerships along the supply chain direction.


finally, mr. linkong new leading cxo system will bring infinite surprises! xo is the world leader most likely to be born in china's pharmaceutical industry.


dr. the government injected all resources and capital into the park, and fully empowered the park to design and implement policies, build and operate industrial systems. capital, talents, technology, platform and other industrial core elements complement each other and interact with each other in the vic system of the park, so as to build a self-financing new drug research and development highway and form a sustainable "government-enterprise park" interest community. at the same time, zhong bo is full of confidence in the development of zhengzhou biomedical park. zhengzhou airport biomedical will accelerate the convergence and support the development and industrialization of domestic innovative pharmaceutical companies, build an innovative pharmaceutical industry cluster with a production of 100 billion yuan, and form a biomedical industrial base integrating r&d, incubation, production, logistics and sales, which will help the business card of "biomedical capital" in the airport experimental zone become more eye-catching.


the theme of this event is "creating the future in caihui port area", which is mainly divided into the opening ceremony, the main forum of the conference and five theme sub-forums. the forum uses the form of conference report and round-table discussion to convene the leading figures in the domestic biomedical field. focusing on the global pattern of innovative drug research and development, the research and application of cell/gene therapy, the new leading cxo (whole industry chain service outsourcing) model, policies and regulations, and capital assistance, etc., discuss the most cutting-edge industry progress.

more than 500 leading experts and scholars gathered in the conference to discuss the frontier theory and development achievements of biomedical industry. chen kaixian, academician of chinese academy of sciences, zhang gaiping, academician of chinese academy of engineering, zhu xun, chairman of tongxiyi new drug talent club, and zhang yuntao, vice president of sinopharm china biotechnology co., ltd. made keynote speeches respectively, and analyzed and prospected the development of innovative drugs in china under the post-epidemic background.