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charity for poverty alleviation, leadingpharm medicine donations to help gansu gannan prefecture overcome poverty!-凯发官方

release time:2020-09-08


an extraordinary year

a sudden epidemic has caught everyone's heart

in order to firmly fight and win the war of epidemic prevention and control

the people of the whole country are united as one

we have achieved a great victory in epidemic prevention and control!


year of decisive battle for poverty alleviation

gannan tibetan autonomous prefecture of gansu province

it is general secretary xi jinping's major concern.

one of the deep poverty areas

it's a tough battle in the fight against poverty!



in order to implement the important instructions of general secretary xi jinping and help gannan consolidate its achievements in poverty alleviation, the national federation of industry and commerce initiated various chambers of commerce to actively participate in the activities of "directly affiliated chambers of commerce into gannan". the leaders of the chamber of commerce take the lead in organizing public welfare to help the poor and offer love. at this critical moment of poverty alleviation, they will contribute our strength once again and keep love in this memorable historical node.

at the beginning of the event, the major chambers of commerce responded in succession, acted quickly and contributed money and materials. under the leadership of president xiu, the pharmaceutical industry chamber of commerce actively participated in the action. as the vice president unit of the national federation of industry and commerce, leadingpharm medicine donated 50000 yuan in advance to support gannan's poverty alleviation! not only that, leadingpharm medicine company issued a letter of proposal, calling on all employees to carry out charity fund-raising activities, the majority of employees with great enthusiasm to participate in this activity.

beijing headquarters and offices in dalian, hangzhou, wuhan, shijiazhuang, shenyang, guangzhou, zhengzhou, taiyuan and other offices all over the country have given generously. donations full of friendship are remitted in through donation boxes and wechat qr codes. clean clothes are sent by express delivery, bringing warmth to gannan region.



"we should not only do medicine well, but also be a good person". as a pharmaceutical r & d company with social responsibility, leadingpharm medicinehas the corporate vision of "it is me that makes china's new drug technology and production process synchronize with the world". we always adhere to the responsibility of maintaining human life and health, convey love with true feelings, and feed back the society with actions! leadingpharm medicine staff will closely around the party central committee with the core of general secretary xi jinping, respond positively to the call, concentrate their strength on winning the battle against poverty, and contribute to the early realization of poverty alleviation in gannan.