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hood to coast, lead the blue ocean -凯发官方

release time:2020-09-03

hood to coast, lead the blue ocean - the leadingpharm wrote a new chapter of "cross mountain to sea"!

hot wire! hot wire! hot wire! the leadingpharm's two major teams of hood to coast successfully completed the competition and triumphed!

a team

twist it into a rope

do our best

be firm with your heart

one thing in all

measuring 147 kilometers with our feet

16 hours of running from dawn to night

the hell difficulty stage with a single cumulative climb of more than 305 meters

the longest stage with a single segment distance of 14.8 km

the leadingpharm's fearless and ahead and innovation in the blue ocean two teams, 10 generals

with indomitable perseverance and team spirit of sincere cooperation

the goal consciousness that the mission must achieve successfully completed the competition

write a new chapter in the journey of "crossing mountains to the sea"!

team performance

fearless and ahead: 15:41:15

innovation in the blue ocean: 16:01:13

the elegant demeanor of the team

team fearless and ahead


they are zhao deqian (team leader), liu kun, zhang jinbing, zhai zengmo and bao mengmeng

team innovation in the blue ocean

they are li jian (team leader), liu shuqing, an dan, wang hui and feng fangpeng

at 4:30 a.m. on august 29, 2020, our team set out! dark night, unknown road, feel the beauty of dawn. blue sky, white clouds, big windmill, through the wind and sun, across the mountains and rivers, through the mud, through the scorching sun and dusk, break the training pace, adjust strategy according to local conditions. they are gentle, rigorous and meticulous scholars, put on running shoes, as if they incarnate on the track and in the mountains of chivalry, high spirited!

for dream, we are not afraid of hardships and dangers; for love, we never give up. every kilometer is extraordinary, we are not fighting alone on the track. on the way, we are cheered by our teammates, who are cheering for you in front of you, and illuminating the darkness ahead for you.

this road is not only a run, but also a cooperation, a battle and a glory. although the road is difficult, it also appreciates the beautiful scenery along the way, and demonstrates the inheritance and great love of sincere cooperation, forging ahead, and once set out, the mission will be achieved! the leadingpharm is sweating, reaping the satisfaction of conquering the front, and striving to practice the never give up marathon spirit!

organize registration, arrange scientific training, punch in, train intensively, supply enough, arrange the itinerary don't worry about running! partner!

when you leave, we send you off; when you return, we warmly welcome you; when you are on the road, we send cheers and blessings to you in the distance! this is the event of all the new leaders, and the real-time report of "field reporter" makes the event affect the hearts of all the new leaders, sometimes surprise, sometimes anxious, sometimes worried, sometimes cheering and shouting!


chairman tao xinhuaworld marathon grand slams: berlin marathon (2016.09), chicago marathon (2017.09), london marathon (2018.04), new york marathon (2018.11), tokyo marathon (2019.03), boston marathon (2019.04);

liu kun, executive vice president: beijing marathon (2 times), guangzhou marathon

liu shuqing: baotou marathon, xi'an marathon, nanjing marathon

wang hui: taihu lake picture & shadow international marathon

zhang jinbing: qingdao sea marathon

cui yongqing: shijiazhuang marathon

shi wanqing: qinhuangdao marathon


since the leadingpharm establishment, under the leadership of the company's leaders, we has always cherished the "marathon spirit" of perseverance and never giving up, fearing the long journey, exploring and moving forward in the unknown, and constantly making new breakthroughs and achievements. in the process of drug research and development, the new leaders continue to interpret the spirit of marathon with practical actions, constantly climb, never give up, and make unremitting efforts for the enterprise vision of "let china's new drug technology and production process keep pace with the world"!

comments from contestants

liu kun

not in running to change ourselves, but in running found ourselves!

li jian

hood to coast enables each participant to discover, recognize and accept ourselves, and eventually break through ourselves.

wang hui

running on the road,

if you go on a slope, you will never run on it!

so is life,

if you are in trouble, you will never be able to experience the kind of swimming in the surf!

zhao deqian

health is the foundation of everything. having a healthy body is more important than anything.

goals give you motivation beyond imagination;

adequate preparation can break through the established goal;

united team-mates are the driving force for your victory;

the intimate backup is the reassurance for you to finish the match ahead of time;

the road of life is like a track crossing mountains to the sea, ups and downs, very difficult, but not so difficult.

zhang jinbing

the race is hard, the mood is exciting, the feeling is exciting, the track is difficult, running from day to night, washing your heart, feeling the combination of man and nature, feeling the feeling that running brings us. let's enjoy running together, constantly know ourselves, improve ourselves, and make ourselves better. come on!!

an dan

across the mountains to the sea, every kilometer is extraordinary. on the track, our team fought side by side and supported each other. holding the strength and faith of always moving forward in adversity, we have accomplished the most extraordinary thing together in the harvest season, and gained the best of ourselves. to the sea boat can cross the mountain road is feasible, looking forward to the next stop we meet again!

liu shuqing

be thankful! thank! i hope that my experience of hood to coast can help subsequent partners who are interested in the competition. at the same time, i hope more new pioneers can participate in the long-distance running and carry forward the spirit of the new leading marathon together!

bao mengmeng

thank you for meeting me. let me go from being a rookie who is struggling to run 800 meters, to experiencing 10 kilometers, 25 kilometers, 30 kilometers, and finally crossing mountains to the sea! from frail to healthy, life from slovenness to self-discipline, the cocoon on the feet and the black and white skin of the body are the medals of honor! feel the extraordinary every kilometer from mountain to sea, just to meet the ordinary and shining yourself!

feng fangpeng

as long as you are running, as long as you don't give up and keep going, you will reach the end. whether it is the humanistic charm and sports spirit of the stadium, or the perseverance of the athletes in difficult times, all make me more positive in my work and life in the future, and i will never stop running!

zhai zengmo

it's a great honor to participate in this hood to coast, and to make friends with a group of lovely, hard-working, warm-blooded teammates. in the track, we gather together, persist, work hard, struggle, regardless of everything happy running! i hope you don't steal your hero dream from your tired life and throw yourself into marathon. i'm sure you will love it!


brief introduction of "hood to coast"

originated in 1982 in the united states, the hood to coast race has become the world's largest running and hiking relay race brand after 38 years of development, and is defined as "the greatest super long distance running relay race on earth" by runners all over the world. in 2017, the first hood to coast china race and "hood to coast relay china race" successfully landed in zhangjiakou. after several years of development, with its beautiful track scenery, unique volunteer culture, unique team relay system of five people and one car, and the unknown experience across the day and night, the "hood to coast man car relay china race" has developed into a characteristic event with great reputation in china's running circle, attracting running fans from china and even the world.