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the alteration of the office address of bejing leadingpharm medical technology-凯发官方

release time:2020-08-29

dear partners:


     due to the rapid development of technology platform, business section and the extension of staff, we have altered our office address. related matters are announced as follows:

1. the original address: no.1403, yihai mansion, qinghua east road, haidian district, beijing.

the altered address: 6/f, tower b, #12 building hexie science & technology mansion, east district, no.10 xibeiwang east road, haidian district, beijing.

2. the original phone number is: 010-51733663, the altered phone number is: 010-61006450.

3. even though the office address is changed, the originally signed contracts remain valid, our service commitment and the old bussiness relationship still unchanged.


p.s: the address of the research institute remains unchanged, which is: 1-2/f, gate 3, #2 building, no.103 beiqing road zhongke industrial park, haidian district, beijing. phone number: 010-82479585.

   thank you for your help and support to leadingpharm all the time, we will take our courage in both hands and move forward for our goal: it’s me who let chinese drug technology and production process keep up with world!


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